#DCMillennium: Bendis Teases Supergirl for DC Mystery Event

Prolific comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis has shared preview art from his unannounced DC Comics event, continuing to use the hashtag #DCMillennium, this time focused on a different iconic superhero.

Posted on his Instagram, the art shows a young man in what appears to be a futuristic museum commemorating Superman, while looking at a hologram of Supergirl in mid-flight. No official details for the project have been announced, including artists, but Bendis hinted an announcement may be coming Thursday in the post's caption.

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#dcmillennium 6/13 @dccomics #thatstomorrow

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The identity of the man is unknown, with speculation that it may be Booster Gold before he adopts his own superhero persona and travels to the present day DC Universe. More likely, it is an unidentified member of the Legion of Superheroes given another hint by Bendis earlier this week.

Since then, Bendis has regularly dropped hints about an upcoming comic story set in the DCU's future, including imagery of Batman Beyond and OMAC that stands to be revealed on June 13.

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Bendis' upcoming title, Event Leviathan # 1, illustrated by his Daredevil and Moon Knight collaborator Alex Maleev, is on sale now from DC Comics.

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