DC/Marvel Character Tourney - Region 4, Round 1 Winners!

The results are in for Round 1 of Region 4!

See who won!

Superman vaporized Nova, 966 to 234. Superman got 75% of the vote.

Kitty Pryde adds insult to injury in defeating Jean Grey, 345 to 273. Kitty got 56% of the vote.

Emma Frost was cornered by Iron Man, 320 to 212. Iron Man got 60% of the vote.

Nightwing sent Thanos partying with Mistress Death, 331 to 212. Nightwing got 61% of the vote.

Nightcrawler barely edged out Iron Fist, 240 to 229. Nightcrawler got 51% of the vote.

Rorschach had his way with the Beast in an upset of the 10 seed over the 7 seed, 322 to 212. Rorschach got 60% of the vote.

The Flash (Wally West), as is his wont, outraced Death.

I'm holding off on the Flash/Thing results for a bit...

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