DC/Marvel Character Tourney - Region 3, Round 1 Winners!

The results are in for Round 1 of Region 3!

See who won!

Captain America made Nick Fury's funeral stick this time, 689 to 212. Captain America got 76% of the vote.

Silver Surfer re-enacted the ending to Countdown to Infinite Crisis with Blue Beetle, 507 to 363. Silver Surfer got 56% of the vote.

Green Arrow handed Zatanna her translucent ass, 496-397. Green Arrow got 56% of the vote.

Hawkeye sent the whole Marvel Family to the hospital, Captain Marvel included, 474-424. Hawkeye got 53% of the vote.

Oracle took care of Hawkman, 518-367. Oracle got 59% of the vote.

Aquaman was thinking fondly of this moment by the time Joker was through with him, 684-219. The Joker received 76% of the vote.

Deadpool ran over Black Canary, 539-365. Deadpool got 60% of the vote.

Hal Jordan wrapped Spider Jerusalem up, 679-229. Hal got 75% of the vote.

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