DC/Marvel Character Tourney - Region 2, Round 1 Winners!

The results are in for Round 1 of Region 2!

See who won!

Spider-Man dealt with Storm...permanently, 600-113. Spider-Man got 84% of the vote (so far, the highest percentage of any character!).

The Question shocked the Punisher, 412-290. The Question got 59% of the vote.

Wonder Woman took out Guy Gardner with one punch, 412-288. Wonder Woman got 59% of the vote.

Not even Superman could help Power Girl after Thor was finished with her, 493-213. Thor got 70% of the vote.

Magneto made mince meat out of Animal Man, 428-279. Magneto got 61% of the vote.

The Hulk trashed Catwoman, 411-295. The Hulk got 58% of the vote.

Lex Luthor burned the Martian Manhunter in an upset (the second #10 over #7 upset so far), 373-326. Lex Luthor got 53% of the vote.

Daredevil made sure that Abby attended another Swamp Thing funeral, 431-266. Daredevil got 62% of the vote.

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