DC/Marvel Character Tourney - Region 1, Round 2 Winners!

The results are in for Round 2 of Region 1!

See who won!

Batman did not appreciate Kyle Rayner's impertinence and dealt with it accordingly, 722-138. Batman got 84% of the vote (the highest percentage achieved in the second round).

Cyclops could not bear to look at what Darkseid was about to do to him (in a big #12 over #4 upset), 519-341. Darkseid got 60% of the vote.

Sadly for Wolverine, Doctor Strange was slightly better at what he did, 444-428 (in a #6 over #3 upset). Doctor Strange got 51% of the vote.

2. Doctor Doom vs. 10. John Constantine

Doctor Doom 63% (545 votes)

John Constantine 37% (321 votes)

Total Votes: 866

Doctor Doom did not quite get John Constantine's sense of humor, and the end result was a 545-321 drubbing. Doom got 63% of the vote.

Region 4, Round 3 begins at 8pm! Region 3, Round 3 is at 10pm (all times Eastern)!

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