DC/Marvel Character Tourney - Region 1, Round 1 Winners!

The results are in for Round 1 of Region 1!

See who won!

Batman could have handled any Firestorm who was sent his way, 620-71. Batman got 90% of the vote, the highest winning percentage out of any character in the first round.

Jack Knight might as well have been his brother for how poorly he did against Kyle Rayner, in a #9 over #8 upset, 364-314. Kyle got 54% of the votes.

12th-seeded Darkseid relished his destruction of 5th-seeded Robin in the biggest upset of the tournament so far, 422-260. Darkseid got 62% of the vote.

Cyclops took out his aggression on She-Hulk for threatening the X-Men, 355-333. Cyclops got 52% of the vote.

Doctor Strange made sure that Morpheus received a wake, 365-316. Doctor Strange got 54% of the vote.

Jesse Custer had two eyes before Wolverine was finished with him, 439-239. Wolverine got 65% of the vote.

John Constantine made short work of Booster Gold in the third #10 over #7 upset of the tournament, 356-313. Constantine got 53% of the vote.

Doctor Doom easily won this particular duel of the titans with Namor, 517-163. Doom got 76% of the vote.

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