DC/Marvel Character Tourney - New York City Region, Round 2 Winners

Here are the winners for the second round of the New York City Region!

Out of 2,254 votes, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man gave Alan Cumming's Nightcrawler a good reason to be mopey, 89% to 11%...

Out of 2,247 votes, Adam West's Batman arrested Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man, 55% to 45%...

Out of 2,233 votes, Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon made sure Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury was really dead, 50.25% to 49.75% (so a difference of ELEVEN votes!),

Out of 2,273 votes, Chris Evans' Captain America knocked Vin Diesel's Groot down to size, 84% to 16%...

The third round begins Friday!

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