Zack Snyder Planned to Introduce a Female Robin into the DCEU

Zack Snyder continues to reveal more and more about his original plans for the DC Extended Universe (now called Worlds of DC).

Earlier today, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director and original architect of the DCEU revealed that it was Richard "Dick" Grayson, not Jason Todd, who was killed by the Joker. Now, Snyder revealed on Vero that he planned to have another character wear the Robin costume after Grayson's death: Carrie Kelley.

Snyder's desire to draw more inspiration from Frank Miller's work on the Caped Crusader shouldn't come as a surprise. There are several nods to the Batman: Dark Knight Returns in Batman v Superman (including dialogue taken straight from the comic), so the director wanting to utilize that iconic story's different version of Robin is hardly far-fetched.

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First introduced in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Carrie Kelley is a teenaged Batman fanatic who rescues the hero after a fight goes bad. Carrie becomes the official, new Robin shortly after, though she is often depicted wearing green goggles instead of the usual Robin mask. She was created by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley.

Killing Dick Grayson instead of Jason Todd and then having Carrie Kelley as the second -- and perhaps last -- Robin would be a bold change from the source material. While the DCEU was clearly building interest in the death of Robin (Suicide Squad revealed that Harley Quinn was an accomplice to the character's murder), Snyder appears to have taken a step back from forming the future of the DCEU, despite being a producer on Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984.

Only time will tell whether Matt Reeves continues the Robin storyline in his untitled Batman movie (which is rumored to delve into Batman's past) and, if so, whether he stays true to Snyder's original plan or goes in a different direction.

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