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The 15 Most Powerful Weapons In The DCEU, Ranked

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The 15 Most Powerful Weapons In The DCEU, Ranked

Comics, and their television and film adaptations, continue to introduce new interesting weapons for the fans to be intrigued by. Whether wielded by our favorite hero or villain, weapons often act as symbols for the character. Who can think of Captain America without thinking about his iconic shield? An image of Oswald Cobblepot just isn’t complete without an umbrella. These associations have already been seared into our brains; thankfully, as fans of the superhero genre, it’s not something we’re going to complain about. Trivia is one of our superpowers.

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Fans of the superhero genre generally love action scenes because we’re all curious about the extent of a character’s strength, especially when pitted against someone who could be equally as strong. Seeing the Flash and Superman finally race in Justice League, for example, was a DC fan’s dream come true. When they’re fighting an opponent, however, an added benefit is their weapon; though weapons do not make the hero, they sure do help protect them from harm. When it comes to the DCEU, there are plenty of weapons that have been introduced to us, and it’s time that we rank them! Here at CBR, we’re ranking the most powerful weapons in the DCEU.



Harley Quinn, Joker’s lady love, is usually described as insane and beautiful. A woman like her has many weapons at her disposal, including her fearlessness. One of her weapons of choice that gets a lot of action in Suicide Squad is her trusty baseball bat, Good Night. It’s as unconventional as she is, but she certainly knows how to use it well even against an enchanted army.

However, at the end of the day, it’s still a bat. While bats are great for the popular American pastime and for grabbing when you hear a noise outside, it’s not the most effective weapon one can have unless you stick nails on it like Negan’s Lucille from The Walking Dead. Harley keeps it simple, which is why it’s landed on this spot on our list.



Diana grew up with stories about the Amazon’s history and how the God Killer sword was a gift from the gods to only be used by the fiercest Amazon. For her whole life, Diana wanted to train to fight, but Hippolyta would forbid this without giving her a really good reason. In fact, Hippolyta kept a lot of secrets from Diana throughout the Wonder Woman film: from the truth of her lineage to the truth about the sword Diana grabs when she sets out to confront Ares.

It turns out everything that Hippolyta told Diana about God Killer was a lie. God Killer was just an ordinary sword that was wielded by an extraordinary Amazon, who was the real God Killer. The only power the sword ended up having was that it didn’t cut Diana when she stuck it down the back of her dress, which was pretty impressive.



Batarangs are instantly recognizable as Batman’s calling card. Gotham City citizens know that if they see a Batarang, something has gone down in that area and will lead the police to a clue about a case. Batarangs also serve as useful weapons in fights to get a baddie to drop his guard. The Batarangs that are really pointy at the ends could do some damage.

However, Batarangs don’t have a reputation for delivering critical hits. This is mostly in part to how Batman chooses to fight, but they’re also impractical if you’re going against a villain who’s very strong and has an arsenal of his own. During the bigger fights, you probably want to grab something that doesn’t resemble a boomerang (unless you’re Captain Boomerang).



In addition to Good Night, Harley carries around a customized revolver. It features a gold Joker emblem on the white grip, her initials in gold, and “love” and “hate” etched on the cylinder so the words rotate as she shoots. This specific kind of revolver, a Chiappa Rhino 60DS, allows her to have more precise shooting because of the way the barrel lines up with the bottom chamber.

This revolver is the one that Deadshot borrows to kill The Enchantress in Suicide Squad, so it’s had its moment to shine. And it does prove to be more useful than Good Night. When it comes to firearms, though, revolvers are no match for the literal big guns such as semi-automatic rifles or Superman’s biceps.



In the epic battle between Batman and Superman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman prepares himself for the Kryptonian’s punches by building a mechanized Batsuit. This suit can definitely take a beating. However, Bruce Wayne needed to put in the work and couldn’t rely entirely on his suit. His training regimen made what J.J. Watt does in the off-season look like senior’s water ballet.

Bruce’s plan doesn’t work out, probably for the best, at the end of his fight with Superman. Part of his armor gets ripped off, and there was no way for him to walk away from that battle unscathed. Luckily, the two finally had an actual conversation and realized they didn’t need to fight and that there were more pressing concerns, like saving at least one Martha in this franchise.



Deadshot is aptly named because he never misses. Because he’s an assassin, he’s familiar with various weapons — if it has bullets, he can use it. With his suit and eye patch combined, he gets more data about his victim, a boost to the weapon’s scope, and the durability to withstand shots fired on him. Even without his eye patch, he is a master marksman with deadly accuracy.

The most interesting part of Floyd Lawton’s getup is that he has gauntlets attached to his wrists that fire like a machine gun. This is seen in Suicide Squad when he takes down a crowd of the Enchantress’s army with these wrist guns alone. It’s the combination of control and force that makes this weapon quite deadly.



A spear seems like a primitive weapon, but if it can take down Superman, it must be formidable. Bruce Wayne creates the Kryptonite spear prior to his battle with Superman in the hopes that it will kill him. Thankfully, Lois Lane arrives on the scene to talk some sense into these men before any damage was done (at least in that part of Batman v. Superman).

With Justice League being all about bringing back Superman because he’s the only one powerful enough to stop Steppenwolf, it is significant that there is weapon out there that can incapacitate or kill him. Kryptonite is Superman’s only physical weakness, which makes the spear mighty — if it has the ability to harm the most powerful being on Earth, it must be powerful.



One aspect of espionage training is learning how to get people to tell you what you want. This could take a while if you’re not born with this talent. Questioning people can be time-consuming, especially if they’re trained in evading lie detection or withstanding torture.

With Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Hestia, she doesn’t need to spend much time trying to get information from people. All she needs to do is ensnare her detainee in her lasso, and they’ll tell her the truth whether they want to or not. This is an incredibly useful tool. It’s really an issue of time management: the time cut from having to question people can be better used elsewhere. When you’re a superhero, you need all the time you can get.



Don’t let its resemblance to cutlery fool you — a trident can be powerful weapon. In the Justice League film, we see Aquaman hurling his Trident from great distances to strike opponents. Shooting from a distance is always safer than engaging in closer quarters, so this is Aquaman being smart. Of course, he still will get in someone’s face if he feels like it.

Aquaman’s Trident of Neptune doesn’t get too much attention in Justice League, but it’s important to remember several bits of history about it. In the past, it was a magical weapon with the ability to control water and the weather. Hopefully we will see more of this potential in the upcoming Aquaman film, though we will have to wait until December 2018.



The best offense is a good defense, right? Warriors in ancient times often armed themselves with a shield as well as a sword or bow because protecting yourself is just as important as dealing a deadly blow. The Amazons utilize shields for protection, as well as to give each other a boost in battle.

The shield is one of the items Diana takes from Themyscira, and it has served her well. It protected her from a lot of artillery fire as she crossed No Man’s Land in Wonder Woman and from Doomsday’s blasts in Batman v. Superman. It also protected her from Steppenwolf’s (and Superman’s) attacks in Justice League. Her shield allows her to get into the midst of fighting because she has a reliable means of defending herself.



The villain of Justice League, Steppenwolf, fights with an axe, but this is no ordinary axe. As a New God, Steppenwolf has access to weapons that are beyond Earth’s capabilities at this point. His electro axe is able to exert great force, blasting away the area that it lands on, and it’s large enough to match the stature of a New God.

Steppenwolf’s electro axe caused a lot of damage in Justice League. We saw many Amazons get hurt — some even died. However, once Superman arrived, Steppenwolf’s axe was destroyed, as the Justice League worked together as a team to disarm him. Steppenwolf then fell prey to the Parademons who sensed his fear. In the end, the electro axe wasn’t powerful enough to stop the Man of Steel.



Soultaker is a magical katana sword that is currently in Katana’s possession. Katana was introduced to the DCEU in Suicide Squad, where it is explained that the sword can trap the souls of its victims. Unfortunately, the soul of her husband is also trapped in the sword, so we don’t have to guess why she’s held onto it.

With Soultaker, not only do its victims die, but after their death, they don’t get to move on to what they believe is the afterlife. This is pretty tragic, and this is what makes this sword so powerful. Additionally, Katana can commune with these trapped spirits, so she could say “I see dead people” without being accused of doing a Haley Joel Osment impression.



Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of Submission are near indestructible. In addition to her shield, she can block bullets with these bracelets. This is highlighted in Wonder Woman when Steve Trevor first sees her use them, as well as in Justice League when she crouches and moves stealthily to protect the bank’s customers from getting shot.

Her bracelets also exert a powerful force when clashed together in her iconic Wonder Woman pose. This force can be enough to defeat a foe, but at the very least, it will stun her opponent. In Batman v. Superman, her Bracelets of Submission are able to withstand Doomsday’s energy blasts, which were strong enough to weaken Superman. Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful members of the Justice League, and her bracelets are her most powerful weapon.



To the excitement of many DC fans, the Green Lantern Corps made a cameo in Justice League. During the flashback of the war over the Mother Boxes thousands of years ago, we saw the Lanterns, Atlanteans, Amazons all join forces. This battle had a lot of cameos, including one of Ares, but fans were by and large the most excited by the Lanterns.

Members of the Green Lantern Corps wield a Power Ring. It gives the wearer the ability to conjure up anything that their mind can think of, as well as surround them in a forcefield that protects them and allows them to fly. Basically, a small thing worn on a finger is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe as long as the wearer is focused.



While the Power Ring seems to be an obvious choice for first place, hear us out about Cyborg’s armor. The power ring does have an AI component, but Cyborg’s armor has the ability to upgrade itself. We saw this towards the end of Justice League when he gets a “C” on his chest, and we doubt that the upgrades will end there.

Cyborg’s armor can combine the creativity of man with the technology of aliens. There seems to be no limit to what this armor can do. In Justice League, Cyborg is constantly finding out new abilities his armor allows him to have. It is his armor, and Superman’s strength, that stops the Mother Boxes from joining, which is something that the Lanterns didn’t bother to help with. Seriously, where were they?!

Which DCEU weapon do you think is the strongest? Let us know in the comments!

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