Producing DCEU Slate 'Way Too Big a Job' For One Person

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The DC Extended Universe has one complaint leveled against it time and time again, which is that it has the appearance of a franchise learning as it goes. It would seem that theory could actually be a fact, if what longtime Hollywood film producer Charles Roven had to say is any indication.

Roven, a Producers Guild of America 2018 Honoree, spoke with Deadline about his prestigious award, his 34-year-long career and, of course, about his work as lead producer on the DC Extended Universe. Currently, Roven's focus is on the sequels for Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.

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"I think my role for the moment is to focus on those sequels but, you know, a couple of years ago, I was a producer on all of the Justice League movies and their individual heroes movies," said Roven. "But it became very clear that in order to be a producer on those movies in the timeline that Warner Bros. wanted, it was way too big a job for one producer to oversee."

Despite the constant comparing of the franchise to the already-established Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DCEU is slowly ramping up speed now that Justice League has come and gone. The next film for the franchise, James Wan's Aquaman, is slated to hit theaters Dec. 21.

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