DCEU's Iris West May Be From a Different Time

Although actress Kiersey Clemons may no longer have a cameo in Justice League, she's still on track to appear as Iris West in Warner Bros.' Flashpoint. But her DC Extended Universe debut in that film isn't exactly clear-cut, as there appears to be a question of where this Iris is from.

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Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Clemons discussed how her character will differ from the one depicted on The Flash television drama, saying she wants her Iris West "to be its own world."

"Because of going back and forth past and future with The Flash," he added, "you don't even know what time period you actually meet Iris."

For longtime fans of the DC Comics hero, that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. In the comics, Iris was revealed to have been born in the 30th century and sent back in time by her family just before "Earth-East" attacked "Earth-West." Upon arriving in the 20th century, Iris was adopted by Ira and Nadine West, although the couple never told her about her true origin. She eventually reunited with her birth parents after being killed by Professor Zoom, as they placed their deceased daughter's consciousness in a new, identical body, essentially resurrecting her in the 2900s.

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It will certainly be interesting to see if this is the route the film goes, especially considering it just received a new script from Joby Howard. However, before Flashpoint can even begin filming, it still needs to find a new director.

Flashpoint stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Billy Crudup as Henry Allen, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and possibly Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Originally intended to hit theaters on March 16, 2018, when it was titled simply The Flash, the film currenly has no release date.

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