16 Unbelievable DCEU Cosplays Compared To The Real Thing

As Warner Bros' continues to roll out comic book movie after comic book movie, the DC Extended Universe fills with more and more interesting and recognizable characters. In turn, those figures -- be them superheroes or villains -- act as inspiration for cosplayers all around the world. It's a good job the studio keeps adding to its DCEU roster too, presenting the likes of Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman, as movie versions of comic book characters are often easier to recreate than their animated counterparts.

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That's not to say they don't have to put effort in. In the run up to costume parties or conventions, dedicated fans can spend months hand-crafting elaborate outfits in order to look just like their favorite characters for one day of the year. On the other hand, some cosplayers -- particularly those with significant social media followings -- are lucky enough to make money from their looks and therefore have to keep up with the latest cinema releases in order to satisfy their supporters. Regardless, some are seriously skilled. So, in anticipation of the Justice League film hitting the big screen, here are some brilliant DCEU cosplays that are so well put-together, they could give their on-screen muses a run for their money...


When it comes to transforming himself into a character, Jerry Almond is a master of disguise. In the above image, his costume is so great, it's hard to tell the difference between his Killer Croc and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's version from Suicide SquadHis attention to detail is fantastic. The velour zip-up hoodie and the embroidered leather jacket look exactly like the ones that the scaly villain wears in the movie.

Meanwhile, the fanged teeth, claws and bandaged hands really give it that professional, polished finish. And if that's not enough to make you love Almond's work, know that the artist attended Emerald City Comic Con in March 2017 with his entire family. His wife dressed as Harley Quinn, his youngest daughter became Enchantress and his oldest was Katana, and we love that they coordinated outfits!


Wonder Woman's solo outing may have only reached cinemas in June 2017 but it's safe to say that Gal Gadot's version of the character has clearly made a big impact all around the world. Not only did the film make a whopping $821.8 million at the worldwide box office, thousands and thousands have taken to dressing up as Diana Prince for conventions and fancy-dress parties ever since its release -- heck, you only have to check the Halloween tag on Instagram to realize that.

Because of the sheer volume of people doing it, there are tons of accomplished cosplays out there, but Anastasia Cridge's is among our front runners. In the above photo by Ian Wallis, you can see how closely her handmade, dark red bodice and blue leather-style gladiator skirt resembles those seen in the film. With the added shield and sword, she's definitely god-killing this look!


Since the late Adam West brought Bruce Wayne to the small screen -- and the masses -- back in the '60s, Batman has seen many different looks. Nowadays, West's version is considered pretty basic; consisting of a spandex gray suit, satin midnight-blue pants and cape and a rather nonthreatening-looking cowl (complete with drawn-on eyebrows). Christian Bale's, on the other hand -- from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy -- is as black as the films are bleak.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seemed as if Ben Affleck's aesthetic was set to combine elements of both the earliest and latest looks, as he sported a grayish suit, tight all-in-one that had tactical elements (much like Bale's). In the Justice League trailers, his suit has had an upgrade though, which clearly inspired Stephen Holtham to flawlessly recreate the goggled, battle-ready suit, shown in the above image by Kenny Partington.


Thanks to television series The Flash, DC fans already know what a live-action version of Barry Allen would look like. Since launching in 2014, viewers have grown accustomed to Grant Gustin's leather-style red suit but judging by the Justice League trailers, Ezra Miller's look is going to be completely different.

Big screen Flash is set to have a more metal-based, robotic suit and whether you like that fact or not -- we must admit, the jury is still out on our end -- there's no denying that Miller's outfit looks a lot more professional (or "expensive", if you will). It's also the inspiration behind James Phelan's latest cosplay, which he debuted at Melbourne's Supanova Comic Con in May 2017. He handmade the entire costume which is a pretty remarkable achievement. Luckily for us, his detailed work can be seen in all its glory in this photo by Snap Happy Ian.


On first glance, it may seem to some like Suicide Squad character Enchantress would be a tricky figure to dress up as as she's so scantily clad, but there's much more to achieving her look than just having some flesh on show and donning a crescent-shaped headband. Thankfully, Miss Mayhem agrees and chose to cosplay as June Moone's villainous alter-ego for San Diego Comic Con 2017. We're glad she did too, as her final result is one of the best interpretations of the baddie we've seen!

What's so impressive about Miss Mayhem's costume is how all the little aspects of it come together to make the formidable look. For instance, she made sure to draw on every one of Enchantress's black magic tattoos and she even wore light blue contact lenses to resemble Cara Delevingne's version. The above photo was taken by Subversive Photography.


When it comes to cosplay, Superman is probably one of the easiest characters to emulate. In reality, all you have to do is show up in a caped onesie, right? Well, as much as that is true, certain suits can definitely look more like the real thing than others and to really transform yourself into Kal-El, it helps if you have the right build and hair too.

Fortunately, The Last Son Cosplay not only has a brilliant suit -- courtesy of JEFX -- but he also fits the criteria in those areas. We particularly love how he's paid homage to the origins of the character by teaming his more modern-day Man of Steel suit with Superman's classic curly quiff. The above image -- photographed and edited by Alex Rose -- helps highlight how closely he resembles Henry Cavill's take on the Kryptonian too.


Though Suicide Squad might have received middling reviews when it was released back in August 2016, many people agreed that Jai Courtney's Digger Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, was one of the best parts about it. YouTuber and cosplay enthusiast Chris Stanley obviously thought so too, as he chose to become the character for Melbourne's Supanova Expo in April 2017.

In first-rate photos taken by Elder Lad, you can see how true to life Julian's costume is too. We love the details he's made sure to add the most; from the protective glove, diamante earring and stuffed unicorn to the bloodied cuts on his nose. He even trimmed his facial hair in the exact same way as the film's version. Now, that's commitment. Boomerang isn't the only comic book character Chris likes to imitate either. In the past, he's brought Wolverine, Batman and Thor to life.


Whenever one is perusing the cosplay tag on Instagram, one often finds costumes inspired by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It's easy to see why; they're some of the most well-known DC Comics and everyone is sure to recognize your efforts when you post that first look on social media.

The downside to picking such a mainstream character however, is that there's just so much competition. So it's sensible then to change things up from time-to-time and go for a slightly more obscure figure like Man of Steel's General Zod, which is exactly what Julian Keller did when he attended New York Comic Con way back in 2015. In the above image by Rudi B Photography, you can see every inch of Julian's impeccable suit, which was made almost entirely from foam. We really like that he even adopted Zod's wet-look hairdo and goatee for the day though!


Given how many different characters there are in the movie, Suicide Squad has become a popular source of inspiration for cosplayers all around the world. While The Joker, Harley Quinn and -- somewhat surprisingly -- Enchantress and Captain Boomerang seem to be the favorites, cosplayers do sometimes try out other figures from the outing. We're glad too, as Bruh Nicolau's take on Katana is so good, it's almost as if she's just stepped off of the Warner Bros' studio lot.

In the above photo taken by Danilo Duarte, you can see how closely her outfit resembles Karen Fukuhara's version of the character, with her cropped leather jacket, white eye mask and, of course, samurai sword. The way she's embodying Katana in the photoshoot -- striking a battle-ready pose -- really sets it off though. We can't get enough!


Justice League is set to introduce Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, into the DC Extended Universe and it's safe to conclude that out of the main characters in the upcoming movie, Cyborg's has got to be the most complicated costume to replicate. Half-man half-machine, Cyborg is almost completely covered with shiny metal, intricate wiring and lights which is a hard; a look that even the most experienced of cosplayers would find a challenge.

Therefore, there are not many Cyborg lookalikes out there, so when we saw Christophe Luna's amazing suit -- modeled by Claude Ang -- we couldn't help but be blown away. He even has an "infrared" eye! Cyborg isn't the only DC character Ang likes to cosplay as either. In the past, he has transformed himself into the likes of Kid Flash, Robin and Superboy.


We'd argue that Chris Pine's Steve Trevor is one of the best supporting characters in any superhero movie. Why, you ask? Because he allowed the lead to actually be the lead, acting as fuel for her story and her arc while simultaneously proving his right to be there.

Because he's so great, plenty of people around the world opted to cosplay as him after the film was released. One of those people was Jack of Graves and we think he absolutely nailed Trevor's look. In the above photo by James Hall, he can be seen sporting a cream-colored roll neck, a brown waistcoat and wool-lined green overcoat and boy, does he look the part. Trevor might just be an ordinary man -- unlike most on the list -- but getting your hands on garments that look as close to the real thing as this is some achievement.


Due to their recognizable and zany looks, lawless lovers Harley Quinn and The Joker have long been fan favorites within the cosplay community. While the latter has been depicted in live-action outings since 1966, when Cesar Romero brought him to life in the original Batman series, it seems Suicide Squad's versions of the characters -- played by Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, respectively -- are the most popular versions nowadays.

There are so many that can be spotted on social media that could rival the real things but the costumes worn by Lily and Magic Man for WonderCon Anaheim 2017 are some of the best we've ever seen. We love how closely the duo have followed their muses' appearances, with Lily drawing on every one of Harley's tattoos and scribbling on her baseball bat while Magic Man even wore metallic grills to get into character!


While Diana Prince is undoubtedly the most popular character to cosplay from Wonder Woman, you frequently see comic book movie fans dressed as the women of Themyscira. Two of the favorites seem to be Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Antiope, the warrior who trained Diana as she was growing up; probably because they're the ones that get the most screen time.

In the above photo by Brett Downen, Carly of well-known duo Carma Cosplay transformed herself into the latter, and she looks absolutely fantastic. Her armor looks exactly like that worn by Robin Wright in the film and she's also made sure to add props to complete her look too, such as the metallic-looking headband and bow. Other characters that Carly has nailed cosplays of include Captain America, Penguin and Green Arrow because the need to gender conform has no place in the world of fancy dress!


With the Justice League finally hitting the big screen and his own standalone movie coming soon, Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, has become an extremely popular character among cosplayers over the last few months. However, it takes a certain type of person to pull of the Atlantean's armor, long locks and quindent!

Fortunately, London-based comic book fan King Tide Cosplay has no problem doing just so. The outfit, the hair, the contact lenses and the Jason Momoa-inspired eyebrow? All perfect. CBR always holds a cosplayer in high regard if they make their costume themselves, which King Tide Cosplay did here. Aquaman's suit is far from easy to recreate as well, so there was no way we couldn't acknowledge his efforts. He also created the Wonder Woman suit that we mention in this list, so he gets double the praise! The above photo was taken by Pete.


While she is expected to cameo in Justice League, Amber Heard's Mera won't make a huge splash within the DCEU until Aquaman. But since she's shown up in promotional material and Warner Bros has released a fair few images of her, cosplayers have taken to her like a duck -- or more accurately, a sea queen -- to water.

Here, Irine Meier brings her to life and we absolutely love how great she looks in costume! She opted for a more regal-looking Mera than images of Heard's version have previously presented, hand-crafting elements from the new outfit and combining them with aspects from the character's animated look. Irine's handiwork is hardly surprising given what a seasoned cosplayer she is, mind you. In the past, she has dressed up as many comic book figures including Supergirl, Ms Marvel, Harley Quinn and Black Cat.


When it comes to Suicide Squad, it's often the crazier characters that tend to get cosplayers' attention. For that reason, The Joker, Harley Quinn and Enchantress have been fan favorites since the film came out in 2016. Because of that, when someone attempts to recreate another character's look -- and more importantly, does it well -- it stands out even more so.

Bobby Ruth's take on Will Smith's Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, is arguably the best we've ever seen and that's because his costume is so similar to the original and he had the patience to wear a full-head mask and carry around a gun replica all day at Dallas' All-Con! Our favorite parts of his costume, though? The lettering on his collar and the facial hair...it's that attention to detail that warrants him endless amount of praise. The above photo was taken by NeitherNoir.

Which of these cosplays do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments!

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