It's Time For the DCEU to Move Past Affleck's (and Snyder's) Batman


The saga of Ben Affleck's tenure as the DC Extended Universe's version of Batman is a long and complicated one. It started with an announcement that, frankly, shocked DC fandom, resulting in the near-immediate release of an incredible amount of vitriol towards the actor from people who didn't want to see him anywhere near the nascent DCEU. But when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was finally released, Affleck's performance seemed to quiet most of his haters. The actor quickly proved he was a great Bruce Wayne and an even better Batman for this dark and brooding universe.

Affleck nailed this take on an older, more brutal Batman, and he eventually became the leading face of Warner Bros.' shared universe with subsequent appearances in Suicide Squad and Justice League.

The only problem is, while Affleck's Batman was appreciated by most, the DCEU's movies failed to please audiences or critics, with Wonder Woman being the notable exception. The rocky reception of Batman v. Superman led to a troubled production of Justice League, which was forced to course-correct midway through production with a new writer/director. Once again, the finished product wasn't well received, and this in turn cast a large shadow of doubt over the future of the DCEU, including (though not limited to) Ben Affleck's time under the Batman cowl.

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For the past few years, we've heard many contradicting rumors regarding his status as the Dark Knight. Some state firmly that the actor will stick around for Matt Reeves' solo Batman film, while others proclaim outright he's done with role, effective immediately.

Now, a new report has surfaced, claiming Reeves is going to reboot Batman with his film, and recast the role. While there is no official confirmation of this, the fact that fans seem to be reacting positively to this indicate a truth that can't be denied: It's time for the DCEU to move away from Ben Affleck's Dark Knight, as envisioned by Zack Snyder.

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