DC's Movie Batverse Should Begin With Under the Red Hood

Since Ben Affleck showed up in the DC Extended Universe as Bruce Wayne, fans have remained divided regarding his Dark Knight. Zack Snyder depicted him as overly-violent, merciless, and a bit scary in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he returned to his heroic roots by the end of that film and continued in that vein in last year's Justice League.

Affleck's disenchantment with carrying on as the Caped Crusader hasn't been hidden, though. Not only did he famously step down as director of the Batman solo flick, even after Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) subsequently came in, the film has yet to even begin to emerge from the shadows. Affleck has insisted things are going "really, really well," but it's still not certain just who'll be donning the cape and cowl, leaving fans without knowing what to believe.

As for the film's plot, well, after Reeves decided to rewrite the script and throw out Joe Magnaniello's Deathstroke as its main villain, things became even more vague.

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Recently, "A Death in the Family" -- which revolved around Joker killing Robin (Jason Todd) -- was reportedly being eyed as a potential adaptation, though we're still mostly left with a bunch of rumors and speculation. That said, Warner Bros. really should be looking towards using Jason Todd's death to kickstart the Batverse, but not by focusing on the young Robin's violent death. Rather, the best entry point into Batman's world would be through the "Under the Red Hood" storyline.

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