No, Really - What's Going on With the DCEU?

The DC Extended Universe forever seems to be destined to remain in disarray. One would think that after the disappointment of Justice League, Warner Bros. would be getting its act together, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Despite a top-level shakeup in the film division, the studio still doesn't seem capable of settling on a definitive slate of movies. Last December, fans thought they had a lineup to look forward to, but just a month later this slate was rumored to be updated again, once more indicating a lack of steady vision.

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The failure to secure directors continuously plagues the studio and  justifies fans' pessimism. Batgirl being reportedly eyed to enter production -- even after it wasn't listed on the last slate -- only for director Joss Whedon to pull out almost immediately after more or less summarizes how chaotic things are. These issues are also why so many announcements are taken with a pinch of salt, and why fans are often left wondering what's really going on with the DCEU.

Last December's list included Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2, Flashpoint, Suicide Squad 2, Shazam!, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, The Batman, and surprisingly, Justice League Dark -- updating the previous slate and omitting Cyborg, Deathstroke, Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn, Joker & Harley Quinn, Nightwing, and a Joker origin movie produced by Martin Scorsese.

Then came the reshuffle, just a month later. James Wan had finished shooting Aquaman by then (for which we're still awaiting the first trailer), and Shazam! is already underway with David Sandberg directing. The other movies that remained listed were Wonder Woman 2, unsurprisingly, as well as Suicide Squad 2, Flashpoint and The Batman, with Man of Steel 2 and Nightwing both resurfacing.

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Aquaman will debut on Dec. 21, as Jason Momoa continues Arthur Curry's journey as the king of Atlantis, while dealing with the likes of Mera (Amber Heard), her father, King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren) and Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen). Shazam! is set for an April 15, 2019 release and will focus on Billy Batson's magical alter-ego (played by Zachary Levi) fighting off Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong).

While plot details are scarce, Patty Jenkins is expected to start shooting Wonder Woman 2 this summer to meet a Nov. 1, 2019 release date, and Gavin O'Connor is looking at this fall to start filming Suicide Squad 2 for a 2019 release as well.

Flashpoint appears to be picking up steam yet again, with Spider-Man: Homecoming screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein being tapped to direct, and Killer Frost, Captain Cold and Heatwave mentioned as possible villains. While no new release date has been set, fans are optimistic this movie will finally come to fruition, especially as Ezra Miller's Barry Allen/Flash was well-received in Justice League.

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