Before They Were Famous: 15 Pics DCEU Actors Do Not Want You To See

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Actors are people too! At least that’s what we say to each other to make us feel better as we watch these incredibly attractive people make millions of dollars acting in major film franchises. And you can’t get much bigger than starring as a superhero in the DC Universe. Whether you’re playing Wonder Woman, Superman or even Black Adam, these actors are all playing roles that are part of a huge universe filled with a rich history. But you know what? Even though they may look like gods nowadays, they actually all went through an awkward phase like the rest of us.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest movie stars in the world, but with a twist. Our goal is to show you that the likes of Margot Robbie, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck weren’t always the perfect specimens they are today. Some wore braces. Others had really embarrassing school photos. And there’s even a couple of male heartthrobs with some incredibly poor fashion choices. It’s time to bring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the DCEU down a peg or two. Let’s take a look at 15 embarrassing photos of DCEU actors that they really wish you didn’t see.

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Ben Affleck Before He Was Famous
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Ben Affleck Before He Was Famous

Is Ben Affleck done as Batman? Will he come back for the eventual Flashpoint film? These are questions that surround the actor everywhere he goes. But when you see him in this childhood photo, reading GQ Magazine, you have to imagine that Affleck would never believe those are the questions millions of fans would have for him.

Back before Affleck was Batman, he was a childhood actor trying to strike it big. His mom was squirrelling away his early kid-acting gig money for his college education, fully expecting that this whole acting thing wouldn’t work out. Boy, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Ben Affleck is now an A-list actor, writer and director. It’s incredible to see this young guy dreaming of hitting it big, and knowing that eventually he will become a bigger star than he could ever imagine, getting the opportunity to be the most popular superhero in the world.


Gal Gadot Before She Was Famous

Gal Gadot is the biggest name in the DCEU. After Wonder Woman became a phenomenon back in the Spring, the actress was anointed the savior of DC films. That’s a long way from being crowned Miss Israel back in 2004. But as you see in the above picture, Gadot wasn’t always an Amazonian warrior.

After her stint as Miss Israel, Gadot served two years in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat trainer. She turned that discipline and experience into fuel for her acting career. After launching a career as a model, she started to land roles in major films. Her first major role was in a little film called Fast & Furious, where she actually performed her own stunts. Then a couple smaller roles came about before landing the role of a lifetime, as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman.


Henry Cavill Before He Was Famous

Could the little kid in the picture above ever imagine that his facial hair would be the biggest story in all of Hollywood? Well, you can’t tell from the picture, but that boy would end up growing a mustache that would be the headline of thousands of articles and fan debate. Young Henry Cavill wasn’t always the Man of Steel. The son of a secretary and stockbroker, Cavill grew up in a large family on the Channel Islands.

After almost landing the role of Edward in Twilight and James Bond in Casino Royale, Cavill got his first big role as the lead role in the Showtime series The Tudors. Then in 2013, Man of Steel was unleashed and Cavill became a household name. Now, as Clark Kent, aka Superman, Cavill is the leader and heart of the Justice League.


Ezra Miller Before He Was Famous Godzilla Shirt

Ezra Miller is a very fashionable guy. If you do a Google Image search on the actor, you’re going to find tons of pictures of him looking like a fashion model, wearing the most interesting clothes you can imagine. But then you see this picture, and it really puts things in perspective. Even someone as cool as Ezra Miller wore a Godzilla t-shirt, promoting the very worst Godzilla film of all time.

Before Ezra was stealing the show as Barry Allen in Justice League, he dreamt of becoming an opera singer as a child. He started to train in opera to overcome a speech impediment, and even performed with the Metropolitan Opera. But when the chance to act arose, he dropped everything to jump at the opportunity. Now, the 25-year old actor is one of the biggest up-and-coming stars in Hollywood, and will hopefully be Barry Allen for years to come.


Ray Fisher Before He Was Famous

In a film surrounded by huge stars like Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher is the odd man out of the Justice League. Growing up in south New Jersey, Fisher always wanted to be an actor. He worked his butt off in acting school just to try to break into the industry. His big break came when he landed the Off-Broadway production of Fetch Clay, Make Man. As you see in the picture, Fisher was still a far cry from Cyborg.

After his performance in the play, however, life changed drastically. He gained a bunch of muscle mass and was quickly signed to play the role of Victor Stone, aka Cyborg. His first appearance as the character was in the cameo in Batman v. Superman, but it is his recent starring role in Justice League that is finally launching Ray Fisher into the stardom that he’s been hoping to achieve.


Jeremy Irons Before He Was Famous

Depending on your age, Jeremy Irons is perhaps known for a variety of roles. For some, he’s Scar from The Lion King. For others, he’s Simon Gruber from the only good Die Hard sequel, Die Hard with a Vengeance. And nowadays, he’s known as Alfred from Batman v. Superman and Justice League. But before all of that, he was the son of an accountant from the Isle of Wight, and judging by the above picture, he was a pretty cute kid too.

It’s hard to imagine Jeremy Irons as anything other than the incredible actor with the unmistakable voice. However, back in grade school, he was actually part of a four-man band called the Four Pillars of Wisdom. Of course, he went on to be classically trained as an actor, and has had an illustrious career since.


JK Simmons Before He Was Famous From The Ref

Jonathan Kimble Simmons, aka JK, is an actor known for his wide-variety of roles. He’s played everything from a psychiatrist on Law & Order, to a Neo-Nazi on Oz and, of course, J. Jonah Jameson in the three Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. Before all that, however, JK Simmons was a music major living in Montana. The son of a middle school music teacher and an administrator, Simmons had always leaned towards music as a vocation.

Of course, the acting bug bit hard, and Simmons began his life as an actor on Broadway in Guys and Dolls. In the above picture, you can see him in one of his earliest roles (with hair!) in 1994’s The Ref. Needless to say, after over 20 years consistently acting, JK has become one of Hollywood’s best. Just recently, DCEU fans got their first taste of him as Jim Gordon in Justice League, and hope to see him in many more appearances in the upcoming years.


Chris Pine Before He Was Famous

Everyone has a yearbook photo that features some questionable choices. This is true whether it was an outfit that is now horribly dated, or if you’re Chris Pine, one that features some pretty dated facial hair. Look, there’s no denying that Chris Pine is a handsome man. He’s definitely top five Chrises in Hollywood (Pratt, Hemsworth and Evans probably rank higher, if you’re wondering), but he did have a really bad goatee in high school.

Facial hair or not, Chris Pine was pretty much destined for a life as an actor. Both his mother and father were actors, with his father Robert Pine being one of the stars of CHiPs. Pine started taking acting seriously during his time in college, focusing on theater instead of frats and parties. Eventually his hard work paid off. Now, Pine is now one of the biggest actors in the world, leading multiple franchises, and recently starring as Steve Trevor in the massively popular Wonder Woman.


Margot Robbie Before She Was Famous

Margot Robbie is known now as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and one of the biggest stars on the planet, but she is just a Harry Potter nerd like most people her age. As you can see in her picture, which she discussed in an interview, the actress was 13, loved Harry Potter, wore braces and prescription glasses, even though she had 20/20 vision. Why the glasses? To be more like Harry Potter, of course!

What most people don’t know is that Margot Robbie has been acting professionally since the age of 17. Before that, she was working upwards of three jobs at one time, just to help make ends meet. But she doesn’t have to worry about that now, since she’s everyone’s favorite Suicide Squad-er, Harley Quinn. However, under all that smeared clown makeup is just a normal nerd like the rest of us.


Will Smith Before He Was Famous

Will Smith might not be human. Obviously, he has all the characteristics of a human being. He has eyes, a nose, ears and everything else you’d imagine a real-life human would have. However, how can you explain this yearbook photo of a young Will Smith? He looks exactly the same as he does now, decades later. Clearly, he’s either a robot or an alien, sent to this planet to save us all.

We all know the song, right? Will Smith was born and raised in west Philadelphia. However, he didn’t actually move to Beverly Hills. He just stayed on the East Coast and became a very famous rapper, with his pal DJ Jazzy Jeff. From there, he turned a successful music career into an even more successful acting career, where he headlined pretty much the biggest summer movies every year in the ‘90s. Now, he’s playing Deadshot in the DCEU, and it doesn’t look like Will Smith will be stopping his acting domination anytime soon.


Cara Delevingne Before She Was Famous

Love it or hate it, Suicide Squad was a massively popular film when it was released in 2016. It’s hard to believe that the little girl missing her front tooth in the picture above would grow up to be a world-class model and one of the stars of Suicide Squad. Well, that young lady is none other than Cara Delevingne, and last we checked, she grew back that front tooth and is doing just fine.

Before Delevingne was terrorizing the Squad as the Enchantress, she was growing up in one of London’s wealthiest areas. With Joan Collins as her godmother and a godfather that was an executive at Condé Nast, you can expect that Delevingne was destined for fame. And by the age of 10, she was already modeling. Eventually, she become one of the biggest models in the world, and now has fully transitioned into the life of acting. No matter how beautiful and talented she is, even Cara couldn’t escape the dreaded childhood toothless grin.


Amy Adams Before She Was Famous

No matter how famous and talented Amy Adams is, she can’t escape the awkward high school yearbook photo. When you think of Amy Adams, you think of the incredibly talented actress that has been nominated for many different awards and starring in huge films. What you probably didn’t know is that before Adams was Lois Lane, and before she was acting at all, she worked different odd jobs, including as a waitress at Hooters.

Starting in her teen years, Adams always dreamt of being a professional ballerina. After graduating high school, and realizing that ballet probably wasn’t in her future, she started focusing on acting, starting with musical theater productions. Eventually, she struck it big, and Adams is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses. She’s starred in Arrival, The Fighter, and of course, most recently in Justice League as Lois Lane.


Dwayne The Rock Johnson Before He Was Famous

Unless you’ve lived under a rock (no pun intended), it’s likely you’ve seen this picture of a young Dwayne Johnson. Sporting the black turtleneck shirt, gold chain, flashy watch and the famous fanny pack, Johnson is a far cry from The Rock that we all know and love. This picture has been the subject of countless memes, and of course, since it’s The Rock, he’s embraced it all in style.

It’s been a long ride for Johnson to reach the status he enjoys now. He was an accomplished college football player before beginning his incredible career in the WWE. There, The Rock became a superstar. Now, as a full-time actor, Dwayne Johnson is easily the biggest movie star in the world, and he’s soon to become Black Adam in a future DCEU film. It’s unsure whether it’ll be in the rumored Suicide Squad 2, Shazam or a solo-film, but either way, you can guarantee that The Rock is going to crush it.


Zachary Levi Before He Was Famous

Poor Zachary Levi. You’re not even in a DCEU film yet, but you’re on this list to be ridiculed. How could we not include this picture of a young Shazam? Clearly, Levi was destined to play Captain Marvel based on this picture, where he looks like a perfect Billy Batson. We know they’ve already cast Billy in the upcoming Shazam film, but honestly, let’s just have some Hollywood CGI magic bring a young Levi to life as the child who magically transforms into a god.

Zachary Levi has been acting since he was very young. Starting at the age of six, Levi was on the stage in regional productions. As he got older, he landed parts on TV, in some less popular shows. Levi became a star when he landed the lead role as tech-guy-turned-spy in NBC’s Chuck. Since then, he has also appeared in superhero franchises Heroes and Thor. Next, he’s going to bring to life Captain Marvel in the upcoming Shazam film.


Jason Momoa Before He Was Famous

Every person on the planet can recognize that Jason Momoa is an attractive dude. Sure, his acting is pretty great, but honestly, it’s his charisma, charm and abs that turned Aquaman from the butt of many jokes into the standout character of Justice League. But even heartthrobs like Momoa had an awkward phase. As you can see in the above picture, Momoa suffered from a fashion issue that plagued many people his age – The ‘90s.

Jason Momoa was born in Hawaii, and grew up wanting to become a biologist. After majoring in marine biology, and then wildlife biology, at Colorado State University, he never was able to graduate because Hollywood came calling. He started as a model, before landing a role on the short-lived Baywatch Hawaii. He turned that role into many different roles in the 2000s before landing his breakout role as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. Now, he’s about to launch into superstardom thanks to the role of Aquaman.

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