#DCEASED Variant Cover Homages Stephen King's IT

Over the past few weeks, writer Tom Taylor has teased #DCEASED with hints of the destruction headed towards the DC Universe. We already know Darkseid might not be long for this world, and that Superman will be forced to deal with full blown chaos. Now, a newly released variant cover suggests the story will be even more frightening than expected.

Posting to Twitter, Taylor shared a variant cover by Yasmine Putri for the upcoming event. The cover is a shout-out to the movie poster for 2017's It: Chapter One that features Pennywise, the transforming monster that serves as the villain of the Stephen King adaptation.

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The cover features a creepy version of Joker grinning through a red balloon at a young Robin. This is a reference to both the horror film and the Joker's infamous murder of Jason Todd, the second Robin. It also refers to the line "You'll float too," which Pennywise used to lure the little boy Georgie to his death. For DC Comics fans, the #DCEASED tagline "You'll die too" may be even scarier than anything the cover is referencing.

#DCEASED is slated to be released May 1.

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