DCeased Writer Teases Horror-Fueled DC Sequel #Unkillables

One of the most popular DC miniseries published this year has been DCeased, providing an out-of-continuity horror spin on the DC Universe and its various iconic characters.

With DCeased having just come to its conclusion with the release of Issue #6 this month, writer Tom Taylor has posted two partially obscured teaser images featuring similar undead depictions of DC characters, along with the hashtag #Unkillables.

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"We lost so much we didn’t think there was anything else to lose" captions obscured image of what looks like Man-Bat. Meanwhile, the second image, which appears to feature Red Hood, is captioned, "I know, boy. Don’t worry. We’re not gonna leave them like this." It also features a partially obscured title, presumably DCeased: Unkillables, hinting at a return to Taylor and Trevor Hairsine's terrifying vision of the DCU where its most powerful heroes had been infected and turned into zombies.

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Taylor had similarly teased the launch of DCeased through social media earlier this year before its official announcement. With DC's February 2020 advance solicitations being posted soon, the sequel may arrive soon off the heels of the recently concluded miniseries.

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DCeased #6, by Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine, is now on sale from DC.

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