DCeased: Tom Taylor Teases 'The Most Horrific Image of the Entire Book'

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for DCeased #4 by Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine.

DCeased has featured the graphic demises of plenty of DC characters, but Taylor has remarked that the deaths only get bigger. In an interview featured on DC's website Monday, Taylor was asked if there was anything mind-blowing coming up in future issues.

"Well, I can certainly tell you that a mind is blown," Taylor responded. "It’s a very big one! You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you read that page."

"It’s possibly the most horrific image of the entire book," Taylor added. The writer is likely referring to the fate of the zombified supervillain Giganta in Issue #4, who is seen mindlessly rampaging through the streets. The villain is stopped by Cyborg -- who blasts a gaping hole through her head.

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Mind-blowing, indeed.

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"We’re also going to see some more heroes coming up," Taylor continued. "We haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but she’s coming. We haven’t seen any Flashes. You’ll get to see Green Canary in action. There’s going to be some more heroes and more big moments."

Wonder Woman, Barry Allen, Wally West and Dinah Lance do in fact turn up in Issue #4. Dinah is now known as Green Canary after Hal Jordan's Green Lantern ring selected her as his replacement after his demise in Issue #2.

DCeased #4 is on sale now.

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