DCeased: Tom Taylor Reveals the Truth About His DC Zombies Epic

Following the first details for the upcoming DC Comics event DCeasedInjustice writer Tom Taylor has further elaborated on the six-issue series' origins and what he hopes to achieve with the story.

“The idea originated with editor Ben Abernathy. He had an idea to do a horror/zombie tale at DC, and hit me up to ask if I’d like to be involved," Taylor told IGN. "At the time I was pretty busy, but over the next few days, my mind was racing. I couldn’t stop thinking of new and terrible ways to torture my favorite heroes in ways that made Injustice look tame by comparison.”

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With the story taking place outside of the mainstream DC continuity, Taylor looks to explore the effect of such an epidemic, which spreads to over 600 million people through anything with a screen and how powerful DC characters such as the Justice League, specifically Batman, may be unable to contain and deal with this cataclysmic event.

"Batman is definitely usually ready for anything. And this is no different. But Batman’s greatest asset, after his friends and family, is his mind,” Taylor teased. “Without wanting to spoil too much, our virus affects the mind. Can Batman fight something that’s part of him?

The news was accompanied with advance preview images, which depict the omnipotent Darkseid succumbing to the very virus he unleashed and Cyborg overwhelmed upon witnessing the zombie-like carnage that overwhelms Earth.

“While the characters are the ones everyone knows so well, this is very much its own thing,” Taylor explained. “The reason being, the stakes are real. We can tell a story without holding back. No one you love is safe. Even the icons can fall.”

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DCeased #1, written by Taylor and with art by Trevor Hairsine (Legends of the Dark Knight) and Stefano Gaudiano (The Walking Dead), is scheduled to be released May 1.

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