DCeased Gets Terrifying Horror Movie Variant Covers From Yasmine Putri

The upcoming DCeased event will bring a true horror story to the DC Universe by introducing a techno-organic virus that mutates most of the Earth's population into ravenous murderers. Now, newly released special horror-themed variants tie the series even closer to the genre.

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Series writer Tom Taylor posted the two variants to Twitter, both by Yasmine Putri. The covers include references to both classic and modern horror films. With Taylor previously hinting that characters like Batman are going to face the possibility of losing their mental faculties, the variants seem to suggest that many heroes will contract the virus.

One of the covers mimics the layout to the first poster for Nightmare on Elm Street. Poison Ivy takes the roll of Nancy, waking up startled in bed by a ghostly figure with sharp claws haunting her dreams. Instead of Freddy Kruger, the villain is seemingly a zombified Batman.

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The second cover references the much more recent horror film, The Nun. Instead of juxtaposing a nun with her demonic equivalent, the variant features a Superman split between his classic smile and a decaying, glowing red eye.

DCeased #1, written by Taylor and with art by Trevor Hairsine (Legends of the Dark Knight) and Stefano Gaudiano (The Walking Dead), is scheduled to be released May 1.

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