It's Batman Vs Zombies on Greg Capullo's Cover for #DCEASED #1

Injustice writer Tom Taylor has revealed artist Greg Capullo’s cover for #DCEASED #1 on his Twitter account. In the image, Batman is seen fighting off a group of zombies wearing SWAT uniforms.

Not much is known about the mysterious series. Previously, Taylor teased that the series will include Superman “breaking the jaw of a God.” He also revealed that the Justice’s League’s “finest hour” would be their “last together.”

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Taylor, who also wrote the comic book adaptations of Injustice and Injustice 2 for DC Comics, strongly hinted that Darkseid will be killed during the course of #DCEASED. He tweeted an image with the text “Darkseid was,” referring to the villain’s ongoing mantra “Darkseid is” from Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Mister Miracle, which suggests he exists simply as the essence of evil itself. Some wonder if he could be the character whose jaw Superman will break.

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Taylor, of course, is no stranger to creating large-scale turmoil in the DC universe. It looks like the stakes might be even higher this time, with major characters apparently being thrown into several dangerous situations.

#DCEASED #1 is set to hit stores on May 1.

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