DCeased: Batman Corners Catwoman on New Cover

There are few things more terrifying for a villain than being pursued by Gotham City’s protector, Batman. Perhaps the only thing that tops that fear is being pursued by a zombified Batman. That’s exactly the situation Catwoman finds herself in on the latest cover for DC Comics’ ongoing DCeased event.

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The cover art was revealed by the event’s main architect and writer, Tom Taylor. Taylor posted the art to Twitter along with the caption: “Coming in October: #DCEased. Kalvachev.” Kalvachev is, of course, a reference to Viktor Kalachev, the artist responsible for the cover.

It’s unclear if the cover is removed from the events of the series or if it depicts a moment from a future storyline. The going theory is that the cover is divorced from the events of DCeased, as Catwoman has already been infected by the strange zombie-like plague on the page.

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DCeased follows various heroes in the DC Universe as they contend with a virus that turns people into rage-fueled killing machines, courtesy of the sinister Darkseid. The virus has already claimed numerous A-list DC heroes and shows no signs of slowing. How this cover ties into the events of DCeased will seemingly be revealed in October.

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