Darkseid Was. Taylor Shares Violent, Bloody #DCEASED Art

Comic book writer Tom Taylor continues to tease his secret #DCeased project, now with a new piece of artwork from Rumble artist James Harren.

Joking that the latest teaser was a special Valentine's Day-related post, Taylor shared the artwork through his Twitter account. The panel shows Darkseid being attacked, with blood running down the New God's forehead as he screams in either pain or frustration.

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Taylor had revealed earlier this week that the series of hints he had previously shared under the #DCeased hashtag would involve a comic storyline featuring the apparent death of Darkseid. Following this revelation, Taylor shared a piece of artwork by Heroes in Crisis artist Trevor Hairsine showing Superman horrified by a violent riot in the streets of Metropolis.

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The Injustice: Gods Among Us writer has been quietly teasing the upcoming comic storyline as early as this past October, though DC Comics has not yet officially announced the project. However, with May advance solicitation information being released next week by the publisher, the much-hinted-at storyline may be officially revealed before the month's end.

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