DCeased #6 Sees Wonder Woman Forge a Weapon to Kill [SPOILER]

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for DCeased #5 by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudiano, Rain Beredo and Saida Temofonte, in stores now.

DC Comics' apocalyptic miniseries DCeased has shown many famous superheroes succumbing to the deadly techno-virus, including Batman, Aquaman and Nightwing with the latest issue showing Superman becoming infected.

A newly-released preview for DCeased #6 features an image of Wonder Woman making a weapon of some sort that looks to emit a green glow. In another image, Batman (now Damian Wayne) seen holding up a piece of kryptonite in front of Wonder Woman and other League members, so it stands to reason that the weapon is being created to battle Superman.

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The preview also included an image showing Superman flying towards a tall building as onlookers smile from atop the building. The hero then crashes into it, causing the building to collapse into rubble.

There is only a few Justice League members left after the events of DCeased #5, which also featured the death of Barry Allen/The Flash.

DCeased #6 concludes the miniseries written by Tom Taylor, who is known for his work on the comic series Injustice, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Star Wars and more. The issue features the art of Trevor Hairsine, Neil Edwards and Stefano Gaudiano with Mark Brooks designing the cover.

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Variant covers for DCeased #6 will be done by Francesco Mattina and Yasmin Putri. The issue is set to drop on Oct. 30.

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