DCAU: 10 Best Quotes From Mark Hamill’s Joker

There are hundreds of supremely powerful foes that the Justice League battles, with enemies like Darkseid capable of vaporizing all of humanity, but the most well-known villain in the DC Universe remains the Joker.

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For those who grew up in the 1990s, there’s only one true Joker and that’s the DC Animated Universe version played by Mark Hamill. This Joker was completely maniacal, with a love for sadism and chaos, and he had a penchant for making memorable one-liners. Now that interest in Joker is sky-high, it’s worth remembering the perennial version we watched as kids. Here are the 10 best quotes from the DCAU Joker.

10 "Without Batman, Crime Has No Punchline."

There was a point when Batman was seemingly killed off by someone other than the Joker, leading to the latter entering a kind of depression because he lost his most valued nemesis. Rather than celebrate his adversary's death, Joker instead started to remember him fondly.

It was at this time that Joker started considering leaving crime altogether, since he realized that there was no fun in being evil when Batman wasn’t there to stop him. It turned out that the Joker’s greatest comedy trick required Batman as the punchline.

9 "Oh, What The Heck I'll Laugh Anyway - HAHAHA!"

It was here where we saw just how cruel Joker’s sense of comedy was when he tortured young Tim Drake into becoming his “son” and rubbed this in Batman’s face as part of his ultimate joke.

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Batman was shown in extreme detail how Joker brainwashed Tim with shock therapy, before bleaching his skin and appearance so that he would look exactly like a junior version of the Joker. For a moment, it seemed as if the Joker realized it wasn’t funny at all, before deciding against it and belting out one of his screechiest laughs ever.

8 "It's Only Natural You'd Be Attracted To A Man Who Could Make You Laugh Again."

Mainstream audiences saw the Joker lure Harleen Quinzel into the dark side in Suicide Squad, but that was a rushed sequence that didn’t tell the whole story. If you want to know all of it, then you need to watch the animated Batman series version.

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Joker turned the tables around on Harleen, as he went from being the patient she was having sessions with, to becoming the patient herself as Joker assumed the role of the doctor. Seeing that he could use Harleen to escape, Joker made her believe that her lonely lifestyle meant she could appreciate a man who could finally bring laughter to her. And it worked like a charm, as Harley Quinn was born.

7 "Oh, Lexie, I'm Hurt."

Somehow, the Joker seems to have an immunity to death as he’s been shown in positions where his death should have been guaranteed, only for him to appear out of nowhere. He made another uninvited appearance in Justice League, where Joker crashed the meeting between Lex Luthor’s Injustice Gang.

Rather than find the amusement in the situation straight away, Joker whined to “Lexie” that he was hurt that Lex didn’t invite him. Lex, remembering their earlier failed partnership, wanted nothing to do with Joker, but could find no way to get rid of him. Still, the way Joker uttered these words even made us feel kind of bad that he wasn’t invited.

6 "...If You Insist."

In the far future, during the days of Batman Beyond, the Joker returned from death without explanation, and the gang of hoodlums he was managing started doubting if he really was the Joker. One of the members found out about his authenticity the hard way.

When the punk tried to get out of the gang, Joker acquiesced to his demands because the former insisted. However, you can’t just hand in your resignation to the Clown Prince of Crime, and Joker signed the thug’s resignation by shooting him point-blank. After that, we were treated to some more of Joker’s signature humor.

5 "Hello! He's Still Alive!"

Joker tended to switch his thoughts on either wanting to kill Batman or to keep him alive, with the instance with the Injustice Gang being one where he favored the killing option. Unfortunately for him, Lex had no such plans.

However, Joker was the only sane man here (shocking, right?) as he warned Lex that keeping Batman alive would draw the wrath of the Justice League and pointed out to him that – as long as Batman was still alive – Lex hadn’t won. As it turned out, Joker was correct in this assumption, seeing as Batman was able to eventually break free and beat him into submission.

4 "You're Not Batman!"

It was revealed that Joker had kept an exact copy of his personality and appearance in a chip on Tim Drake when he’d tortured him, allowing Joker to take over Tim’s body in the future. It was there that he faced off against Batman Beyond.

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Crazily enough, Joker was out of his element with Terry as Batman, since the kid wasn’t a straight shooter like Bruce had been and fought dirty against Joker. Terry then got under the Joker’s skin by calling him pathetic and unfunny, leading an insanely furious Joker to bellow that Terry was just a punk kid who wasn’t the real Batman. It was oddly refreshing to see the Joker be on the back foot for once.

3 "Silly Me. I Forgot The Acid!"

In the comics, Joker generally requires some enormous power to beat Superman, but he was handed the Man of Steel defeat in the DCAU. Although Superman wore a suit to protect himself from Joker’s kryptonite, the latter revealed acid he had concealed on his lapel, which he doused on Superman’s suit to expose him to kryptonite.

This eventually ended up with Joker having the Man of Steel at his mercy, as he danced around like the lunatic he was while Superman writhed on the floor in agony. Had it not been for Batman’s intervention, then Superman would have died.

2 "...And Don't Call Me Puddin'"

The fangirls who assume Joker and Harley are truly in love need to see the source material in Batman: The Animated Series, where we saw how Joker really treated her. This was a far cry from the DCEU version, as Joker tended to beat Harley up when he got mad.

In this instance, Joker was angry once more when Harley defeated Batman, making Joker feel inadequate; he shoved her out of a window, before coldly telling her he wasn’t her “puddin’”. It was one of the best examples of just how much of a violent monster Joker really was, and that he wasn't someone to be admired.

1 "That's Not Funny..."

The real Joker breathed his last because of his own doing, as he tried to get the brainwashed Tim Drake to kill Batman to prove he was now Joker’s son. However, Tim still retained some of his mind and shot Joker instead.

In his last moments, Joker finally dropped his hysterical demeanor as he claimed Tim’s betrayal wasn’t funny, before succumbing to the wound and collapsing dead. His last words were fitting, though, as Joker got a taste of his own medicine and realized he had never been funny to begin with.

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