DC You Promo Videos Prepare Fans for 'Awesome,' Hashtag-Ready June Launches

Despite some initial criticism, DC Comics' "DC You" marketing campaign -- promoting its upcoming new series and new story arc launches starting this month -- has continued, with a series of new promotional videos arriving on Monday, two days before the first crop of DC's new publishing line.

The videos are effectively animated versions of the previous teaser campaign, though with a few announced series not initially represented in those images. The six videos each highlight a different aspect of the current DC line, intended to show its diversity in tone.

The "Are You Ready to Laugh?" video showcases DC's humor books, namely new offerings "Bizarro," "Starfire" and "Bat-Mite," plus the hit continuing series "Harley Quinn," which helped inspire DC to pursue more comedic takes on its characters.

The "Are You Ready to Hashtag This?" video focuses on two quirkier offerings that DC hopes to see generate some social media buzz: new series "Prez" and the continuing "Gotham Academy."

"Are You Ready for the Future?" looks at new sci-fi series "Batman Beyond" and "Omega Men."

The slightly broader "Are You Ready for the New Awesome?" video highlights a half-dozen comics: "Black Canary," "Batgirl," "We Are... Robin," "Cyborg," "Grayson" and "Midnighter."

The "Are You Ready to Root for the Bad Guys?" video hypes "Deathstroke" and appears to confirm the official title of Garth Ennis and John McCrea's "Hitman" follow-up as "All-Star Section 8;" which previously was promoted simply as 'Section 8."

Not forgetting its action comics roots, the "Are You Ready for Action?" video contains teases for classic series "Justice League," "Batman," "Green Lantern" and "Wonder Woman."

DC's first week of "DC You" books debut this coming Wednesday, including "Midnighter" #1, "Batman Beyond" #1, "Justice League" #41, "Bat-Mite" #1, "Bizarro" #1, "Omega Men" #1, "Action Comics" #41, "Green Lantern" #41, "Lobo" #7 and "Green Arrow" #41.

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