DC Wraps Day of "Flashpoint" News With Ring Promo

Representatives from DC Comics have been rolling out a string of product announcements today as part of the latest meeting held by ComicsPRO (the comics retailer trade organization) in Dallas, TX, and the publisher has capped off the day with word that they'll continue with their highly publicized and occasionally criticized ring promotional program.

On their The Source blog, DC confirmed that June's "Flashpoint" #2 will ship with a special edition plastic Flash ring and that they "will also be creating exclusive buttons, featuring the reimagined superhero logos of 'Flashpoint.' So far only nine of the logos have been unveiled, but there will be buttons corresponding to each of the Flashpoint mini series. The buttons will only be available at comic book stores and will not be one of our (many) cool convention giveaways."

The word comes on the heels of earlier announcements including the "Green Lantern" tie-in series that CBR reported on earlier today.

Our team at Robot 6 has been tracking other announcements including word of a new holiday-themed "Batman: Noel" graphic novel written and drawn by Lee Bermejo and more "Flashpoint" news that the main series would ship at 40-pages an issue with a $3.99 price point. Considering that the "Flashpoint" series has been in the works since last year, the length and price point for the series likely predate DC's recent "Hold The Line At $2.99" promotion of 32-page (20 story pages) comics.

The Source also revealed a number of Green Lantern-related statues from their DC Direct team including ones that represent the characters of the film and one that is inspired by the incoming animated "Emerald Knights" project.

For more on the days events, check The Source and Robot 6, and stay tuned to CBR for all the news on "Flashpoint," "Green Lantern" and beyond.

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