DC: 10 Worst Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done

Wonder Woman is easily one of the most powerful and respected heroes in the DC Universe. Over the years, she has come to symbolize all sorts of positive themes, even going well beyond the comics. The character’s hopeful and peaceful approach to her actions continue to inspire people in many ways. However, Diana hasn’t always been the same character throughout her very long publication history.

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Over the years, many new ideas and non canon stories have explored some darker elements to her character. At times, Diana has even been shown to take things to extremes, causing bits of controversy even. To look into some of these darker moments, here is our list of the 10 worst things Wonder Woman has ever done.

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10 Teamed Up With Lex Luthor

Frank Miller is most known for stories like The Dark Knight Returns. With a focus on darker stories, Miller definitely did a lot with Wonder Woman as a character. Though his approach to her is rather controversial for some, Miller did have Wonder Woman team up with Lex Luthor during The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

In what is widely considered to be the worst chapter in Miller’s Dark Knight universe, Wonder Woman actually teams up with Lex Luthor, one of DC’s smartest villains, in a plot against Batman. While the context makes a bit more sense as to why Diana would do such a thing, Wonder Woman still sided with an incredibly powerful and ruthless villain.

9 Beat Up Batgirl To Win Over Batman

Comics have certainly told some very weird stories over the years. In one of those stories, Batgirl and Wonder Woman both decide that they are madly in love with the Dark Knight. From there, the two attempt to win him over by showering him with gifts.

Eventually, things escalate leading the two into a full-on fist fight, one that was obviously won by Wonder Woman. By the end of the issue though, the two instantly drop their romantic feud and go about their separate ways. Though ridiculous, realistically, Wonder Woman could have easily killed Batgirl. Had this story taken place in modern times, this could easily have been one of Diana’s darkest actions.

8 Killed Her Love Interest

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon is a non-canon retelling of Wonder woman’s origin. In this interpretation, Diana is an incredibly spoiled brat who’s role as a princess is highly reflected in her attitude. However, she eventually comes to crush on one of the other Amazonian warriors. From there, Diana would make an effort to literally win over this girl through a series of trials and tribunes.

In the end, however, Diana went against amazon values and killed one of her fellow sisters. Unfortunately, the person she killed was the very person whose heart she was attempting to win. Though Diana would learn an incredibly valuable lesson here, it is still one of the worst things the character has ever done.

7 Spread The Anti-Life Equation

In Wonder Woman’s defense, she wasn’t in control of her action in this situation. After Darkseid successfully acquired the Anti-Life Equation, he began spreading it all around Earth. However, Wonder woman was one of the first to fall victim to its influence, so Darkseid used her to spread the equation further. As the new leader of Darkseid’s Furies, Diana helped enslave countless individuals.

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Thankfully though, Darkseid would still lose the fight in the end and Wonder Woman would once again be free of the Equation’s influence. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this is still one of the worst things she has ever done.

6 Killed Huntress

DC’s Injustice Universe is one of the more popular takes on the classic heroes. With a story revolving around an evil Superman and the heroes who sided with him, it definitely offers a unique take on some of DC’s biggest names. Originally a video game, the comics were eventually released to fill in certain gaps in the story.

During one of the many confrontations between heroes in the books, Wonder Woman very brutally murdered Huntress. As the battle ensued, Diana wrapped her lasso around Huntress’ neck and snapped it, instantly killing the heroine. Even though Diana didn’t intend to kill Huntress, it was still a major moment in the series and showcased just how far Diana and others had devolved as heroes.

5 Restored Darkseid’s Powers To Him

Any DC fan knows that Darkseid is arguably the biggest villain in the entire universe. Therefore, restoring his powers to him is a pretty big deal. However, the situation must also be truly dire for someone to willingly restore his abilities as well. After Brainiac attempts to use Warworld to decimate the planet, Darkseid stands as the Earth’s only hope.

Because of this, Diana returns his abilities to him and Darkseid actually saves the planet. Though they may have won the battle that day, Diana still restored one of the worst villains in all of comics to his full strength. However desperate the heroes were in this case, Diana would certainly live to regret this decision.

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4 Took Out The Justice League

There’s no doubt that Wonder Woman is one of DC’s most powerful heroes. Her abilities, personality, and place in the world are all reasons why she is part of DC’s Trinity. Therefore, it isn’t much of a surprise that Wonder woman would be able to take down the entirety of the Justice League. During the League of One storyline, the League comes across an intense magical threat that no one but Wonder Woman truly understands.

Unfortunately, Diana sees the League’s involvement as a hindrance and must take them down after they refuse to leave her alone. While it may be a bit of a flimsy excuse, Diana still managed to take out the entirety of the League all at once. Though they all quickly forgave her, it is still an incredible display of power as well as one of her worst acts.

3 Killed Maxwell Lord

Towards the end of Infinite Crisis, the Justice League comes to discover just how evil Maxwell Lord is. Initially believing that Lord was on their side, the Justice League finds themselves as pawns in part of Lord’s much greater plot. After successfully managing to mind control Superman, Diana, desperate for options, killed Maxwell Lord on live television.

Though she really had no other choice, Diana’s reputation took a massive blow. Other characters were also torn on how to view her actions. This decision was so great that Diana quit being Wonder Woman for a whole year while she reevaluated herself and her morals. Regardless of right or wrong, killing Maxwell Lord in the way she did is still one of the darker things the character has yet to do.

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2 Harbored And Defended A Murderer

The Hiketea is a story by author Greg Rucka that paints a very interesting picture of Wonder Woman’s moral code. After granting Hiketea to a young woman, Diana vows to protect her from the likes of Batman, who is tracking the woman down following a gruesome crime. As the story develops further, Diana discovers that the woman murdered a whole slew of men, but only because of what the men had done to her sister.

Though the woman’s actions are arguably justified, seeing Diana’s response is the more interesting part of the story. However, aside from the story aspects, Diana still knowingly harbored a wanted criminal. Her actions here put her in a direct and physical confrontation with Batman and showcased exactly how Diana approaches morally gray issues.

1 Flashpoint Wonder Woman

The Flashpoint version of Wonder Woman is easily one of the darkest interpretations of the character ever. After Barry Allen travelled back in time to save his mother from ever being murdered, he created a new timeline that saw the DC Universe on the brink of destruction. In regards to Diana, she was significantly more evil and much more of a warrior than an advocate for peace. In this timeline, She murdered Steve Trevor by hanging him with the lasso of truth, killed the young Billy Batson to end Shazam, beheaded Mera and had an affair with Aquaman before raging a war against Atlantis.

In case it wasn’t obvious, this interpretation of Diana is one of the most significant departures from the original imaginable. Seeing her actions in Flashpoint help readers realize exactly what she is capable of. Thankfully though, the main version of the character is much different from her Flashpoint counterpart.

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