DC: 10 Most savage Things That Catwoman Has Done

Though the DC Comics anti-heroine has joined forces with Batman from time and time, readers cannot forget the 10 most savage things that Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, has done. Whether playing the part of the hero or villain, The Cat has always done things in the end that worked best in her favor.  That is why there has always been a love and hate relationship between Selina and Bruce Wayne, especially when he dresses up as The Batman. Though she can show interest in someone else and pretend to care about others, deep down Catwoman knows she is a femme fatale at heart.

Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, The Cat was designed to be a feminine adversary who committed notorious crimes, but also serve as a love interest to the dark knight. As they often engaged during her stealthy robberies, Batman attempted to reform Catwoman from her criminal ways. But as a jewel thief, Selina enjoyed being bad because she was always having too much fun. Wearing her tight and alluring cat-suit, Selina moves at a fast pace while stealing and uses her black whip when danger looms near.

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10 The Wedding

How do you leave someone at the altar like that? In writer Tom King and artist Mikel Janin's Batman #50, Catwoman decides to abandon Batman and forgo the wedding. Selina had no more use for the engagement ring and refused to commit for the long-term with Bruce. After spending so much time demonstrating her love to Bruce, even getting into a deadly confrontation with The Joker, and getting to know his own son, Damian, Selina thought it would be best to end their relationship. Selina shed no tears whatsoever as she wrote a letter and packed her bags.

9 The Long Halloween

Selina Kyle in Batman The Long Halloween

In writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale's The Long Halloween, Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy, used a mind-altering concoction and brainwashed Bruce as her own puppet. It didn't take long for Catwoman to realize something was really wrong with the hypnotized Batman. After defeating Poison Ivy, Catwoman still had to figure out how to wake up Bruce from his trance. Poison Ivy had left a deadly plant wrapped around Bruce's chest, spreading its toxin into his veins. Though she was trying to save him, her claws left bloody slash marks on his chest, scarring him for the rest of his life.

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8 I Am Suicide


In writer Tom King and artist Mikel Janin's "I Am Suicide," Batman has to round up his own Suicide Squad to take down the super-villain Bane. At Arkham Asylum, the caped crusader had the most difficulty getting to recruit Catwoman. Selina had been sentenced to death by the court system because of her heinous act. Because Batman needed Catwoman to seduce Bane, everyone else had trouble letting someone violent and cold-hearted like Selina out of her prison cell. For the mass murder of 237 innocent lives, Selina would face her punishment by lethal injection.

7 Rooftops 

In writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerard's "Rooftops," Catwoman led everyone to believe she was a mass murderer. Selina wanted the whole world to know that she committed the mass murder of 237 innocent lives. In the official reports, Catwoman went after the criminals involved who brunt down her orphanage. Batman was the only one who couldn't believe she killed those responsible for the heinous act. Catwoman had set up the perfect lie, which led the dark knight straight to her companion, Holly Robinson. Batman was caught by surprise when Holly slit his throat.

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6 Year One

In writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli's Batman: Year One, Catwoman is a hardened criminal and she has no interest in being a love interest. Selina is a cold-hearted prostitute in the streets of  Gotham and her goal is only to make money. After getting prostitute Holly Robinson in trouble with her pimp, Bruce Wayne ends up getting attacked by a gang of hookers, led by Selina. Demonstrating she rules the streets, Selina starts a brawl with Bruce. After witnessing the Batman in action and taking down the police, Selina wants to defy male authority by becoming a cat burglar.

5 When In Rome

In writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale's Catwoman: When In Rome, Selina is on her way to steal a valuable ring from the Vatican. Nothing is too holy for Selina that forbids her from stealing. After being double-crossed by Edward Nygma, aka The Ridder, Catwoman discovers he was actually poisoning her with the Scarecrow's fear toxin. As payback for nearly trying to kill her, Catwoman cleverly finds a way for Riddler to inject himself with the same toxin. After taking a heavy dose, Riddler is haunted by his obsession with finding out Batman's secret identity.

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4 Lois Lane

Interestingly, Lois Lane, the wife of Clark Kent, also known as Superman, tried to make peace with Selina in Rebirth. Lois played nice with Selina because she was currently engaged to Bruce. Back when the intrepid reporter from The Daily Planet had her own solo series, Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane, she had a major confrontation with the cat burglar. Catwoman hypnotized Lois into thinking she was actually the jewel thief. All part of a setup to frame her, Selina wanted Lois to take her alter ego and receive the punishment for her crimes.

3 Azrael

After Bruce's back was broken by Bane, Jean-Paul Valley gave up being Azrael in order to take over the mantle of the Batman. During "KnightQuest: The Crusade," Catwoman instantly recognized there was someone else wearing the mask and happened to be a complete fool inside. While escaping the law and hitching a ride on a flying helicopter, Catwoman tells the whole world that she fooled the fake dark knight on a megaphone. The humiliation angers Jean-Paul and amuses Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, because he already knows it's an imposter wearing the Bat-suit.

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2 Talia Al Ghul

Batman Catwoman Talia Al Ghul fight

In Batman #35, during writer Tom King and artist Joelle Jones' "Rules of Engagement," Catwoman finds herself in an intense sword battle against Talia Al Ghul, the mother of Damian Wayne. At first, Talia starts playing mind-games with Selina, reminding him that Bruce only truly loves her. While toying with Catwoman's self-esteem, Talia warns Selina that she will always come second to Batman's mission. After retaliating, Catwoman wins the epic battle by breaking Talia's arm and stabs her in the back with the sword, forcing her to scream in tremendous pain.

1 Lazarus Pit

In Joelle Jones' Catwoman #16, Selina finally embraces her dark side and joins the "Year of the Villain" event. Catwoman ends up in a violent battle against the diabolical Raina Creel. In the aftermath that leaves her bloody, Catwoman realizes her only choice at payback is to sink into the Lazarus Pit. Selina knows what happens if someone bathes in the Lazarus Pit. No more as Robin, Jason Todd rose from the dead and became consumed as a vengeance-seeking vigilante. There is no turning back as Selina has lost her soul after feeling the twisted effects of the Lazarus Pit.

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