DC Wishes Batman: Damned Nudity Had Never Happened

DC executives regret the much-discussed panels depicting a nude Bruce Wayne in Batman: Damned #1.

The sheer amount of media attention paid to the issue, released last month, has even caused DC to reassess the Black Label imprint the series launched. Announced in March, Black Label is intended to permit the publisher's premier talent a certain level of creative freedom they wouldn’t receive working on in-continuity DC Universe titles.

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That allowed Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo to create a dark and atmospheric issue about Batman and John Constantine, but the more newsworthy aspect was that the issued included a brief scene of full-frontal nudity from Batman. The panels were censored in digital copies and for future print edition.

“It’s made us, certainly, look at what Black Label is and think about whether these elements are additive to the story … and that’s something that we’ll be mindful of going forward," DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee told Polygon at New York Comic Con, "because I don’t think we want necessarily a repeat of what happened with the first issue.”

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“It’s something we wished never happened," added Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, "because it really took the attention away from what we thought was quality storytelling, and that’s not the way we see this imprint.”

There are a number of titles set to be released as Black Label series, including Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman: Last Knight on Earth, Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s Superman: Year One, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenze’s Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, and John Ridley’s The Other History of the DC Universe.

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