DC's Walmart-'Exclusive' Stories Heading to Comic Book Stores as Miniseries

Originally appearing exclusively at Walmart in 100-page giant anthology issues, miniseries by all-star creative teams starring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will head to comic book stores this summer.

DC Comics will publish three stories as six-issue miniseries starting this July, with two anthology chapters collected per issue. Each miniseries will also feature brand new covers from the artist of each respective collection.

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Superman leads the charge on July 3 with Superman: Up in the Sky #1 from writer Tom King and artists Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope. The story has the Man of Steel clued in to a Metropolis murder mystery by Batman that sends the Last Son of Krypton to the far reaches of space.

On July 10, Batman comes face-to-face with another DC character's legacy in Batman Universe #1 by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Nick Derington. While searching for a priceless art piece stolen by the Riddler, Batman meets Jinny Hex, the descendant of fabled gunslinger Jonah Hex, while crossing paths with Deathstroke and Green Arrow.

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Meanwhile, on July 17, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin launch Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #1. The miniseries has Wonder Woman and Etta Candy search for Steve Trevor after he goes missing on a strange, hostile island while piloting an experimental aircraft into the Bermuda Triangle.

In a statement this past February, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio mentioned the company was expanding the publishing initiative to the direct market, while hinting that new 100-page giant series would come to Walmart.

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