DC's Walmart Line of Comics Is Reportedly Ending

DC Comics' line of Walmart-exclusive 100-page comics is reportedly coming to an end in addition to several other changes to the publisher's releases.

Ryan Higgins -- owner of the California-based comic book store Comics Conspiracy and co-host of The Geekbox and The Comic Conspiracy podcasts -- recently received information in his capacity as a retailer. According to him, the Walmart-exclusive comics will be replaced by a new line of 100-page specials that will be available everywhere. These specials will feature 48 pages of new content, with the rest being dedicated to classic material. No price point for this new line has been revealed.

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Additionally, the longer story arcs that originated in the Walmart line will be reprinted as graphic novels, which are set to hit comic shops later this year. The shorter stories will be reprinted in the new 100-page specials. That being said, any DC fans worried about more series getting axed can mostly rest easy for the time being. Higgins explained that the reported 10-15% cutback on the publisher's titles readers have been worried about has already happened. He speculates that the end of the "New Age of DC Heroes" line, as well as a few more recent cancellations, are what made up this rollback. In turn, it appears no other books are being cut for now.

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The 10-15% decrease in content was apparently done to make room for DC's all-ages/young adult graphic novels and the aforementioned new 100-page special line. In turn, DC will effectively be putting out the same amount of content as before, just in different formats.

That being said, DC will also be reducing the number of collected editions they release going forward. At this time, no information has been given as to why, apart from orders for such books being too low.

Correction: Ryan Higgins received the information as a retailer and was not at ComicsPro.

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