10 DC Villains You Wouldn't Think Are More Powerful Than Marvel's Thanos (But Actually Are)

Thanos is widely regarded as one of the most unstoppable Marvel villains. He's been proven in the past to be a formidable threat to both heroes and evil-doers alike. His level of power is almost unmatched, especially when he has the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession. Just look at how the entire assembled Avengers struggled against him in the MCU!

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When you look at the list of rogues in the DC universe, though, you'll find that quite a few might be more powerful than Thanos. While this is obvious with some villains (in the cast of Doomsday for instance), there will also be some that might surprise you. Here are our picks for DC villains who are (arguably) more powerful than Thanos, but you wouldn't have thought it!

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A giant starfish might seem quite threatening, but you would assume it's not anywhere close to Thanos levels of intergalactic threat. Wrong! Starro has been a long-time villain of the Justice League and is now enjoying a renaissance as Batman's adopted son, Jarro.

It's Starro's power set that actually makes him far more lethal than Thanos, though. While Thanos is physically imposing, most of his power comes from his brute strength and invulnerability. Thanos' mind may not be strong enough to put off the psychic attacks of Starro. In addition to this, using his smaller starfish, Starro can control vast masses of people!


Mr Mxyzptlk can be assumed to be a joke of a character that poses no real threat. He's just an imp which travels between dimensions. It's that dimensional power that gives him a significant advantage over the Mad Titan, though. Not only does Thanos lack this level of power, he's also far too methodical.

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Thanos is all about laying out an elaborate scheme which he is patient enough to allow to be carried out over a number of years. While Mxy also likes to create some kind of mad plan, he is too unpredictable to be able to prepare for. He can essentially do anything and there's no easy fix for this kind of threat.


It's difficult to suggest that Thanos isn't some kind of god. He is certainly a kind of cosmic judgement maker, using his enhanced abilities and extended life to make huge decisions about life and death.

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It makes sense, therefore, that another god would be stronger than Thanos; especially the Greek god of war. Ares is an immortal being who has fought all his life. He is experienced with galactic enemies and is even powerful enough to subdue magic to some extent. While he struggles with Wonder Woman, he seems to be much stronger than Thanos; perhaps suggesting Wonder Woman is stronger still.


Speaking of magic, this former archaeologist found her powers in the magic of the gods. Minerva has become an enhanced being, with the powers of the Cheetah god. She's one of the fastest people in the DC universe and has a lethal set of claws as well as incredible agility.

If Thanos and Cheetah were to face one another in a fight, it's possible that Cheetah could  beat him. While Thanos is fast, he's not nearly as agile as Minerva. Not only this, her sharp claws could probably draw blood quite easily and she's a solid enough battle tactician to best Thanos in combat. Plus, her magical background gives her an advantage.


Vandal Savage is, in some ways, just an immortal man. However, his enhanced intellect, durability and years of weapons training makes him a formidable threat in a fight. This isn't what makes him more powerful than Thanos himself, though.

It's Savage's ability to navigate the timeline --making changes where he sees fit and bringing back items with him from his travels from the past and future-- that makes him more powerful than the purple alien. Thanos simply cannot manipulate time the same way that Savage does, which may give him a significant edge.


Thanos is physically imposing and usually towers over many of Marvels heroes and villains. Indeed, he's more of a physical threat than many people on this list. However, he doesn't fare well when dealing with someone much larger than him.

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Giganta is one such being, capable of crushing Thanos if she felt inclined. Originally, Giganta was weakened when she grew to such heights, mentally and physically. However, now with her full intellect, her superior stature and increased strength, Giganta would surely be a threat to Thanos' grasp on power.


Bizarro is, as his name suggest, a Bizarre version of Superman. It's easy to say that Superman could be much more powerful than Thanos, due to all of the Kryptonian's abilities that all comic fans know so well. Since Bizarro is a replica in some ways, it's obvious to say the same thing about him.

Bizarro isn't quite as strong as the man of steel, but still holds enough of his power that he could be a threat to the Mad Titan. His impetuousness may also give him an advantage, as Bizarro tends to throw all of his might into a fight without concern for the consequences. Nothing holds him back, making him a much larger threat. The freeze vision and flame breath also helps.


Maxwell Lord DC

Maxwell Lord has vast resources and money on Earth, which already gives him a lot of power. This level of corrupt influence makes him a threat to other DC characters, but not an intergalactic being like Thanos.

His meta-human abilities make him far more dangerous, though. His psychic powers allow him to influence the thoughts of another with a simple suggestion. His powers have continued to strengthen throughout his life and he can seemingly tackle any mind no matter it's strength. Thanos would likely fall to this mental attack.


Orm is the would-be King of Atlantis. He carries vast political power and is certainly persuasive in his propaganda. The Atlantean has stood toe-to-toe against some of Earth's mightiest heroes and villains and has actually found himself as both friend and foe to his homeland.

His command over the oceans, which make up so much of the planet (and indeed many other places in outer space), give him an edge over the mad titan. Thanos doesn't have these kind of powers over such a crucial resource. In addition, Orm could (at times) command the might of Atlantis, a mighty force to be reckoned with.


A magic-user that can also be considered a deity in the DC universe? Circe already sounds like more of a threat to Thanos than most others. Circe is perhaps more powerful than Ares and Wonder Woman, and we've already discussed that they are more than a match for Thanos (the question of the Infinity Gauntlet notwithstanding).

Circe has a level of power that Thanos wouldn't be able to compete against. Not only this, Circe is an immortal goddess and wise beyond her years, gaining vast experience over her lifespan; experience grants even more power.

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