10 Villains Everyone Forgets About In DC Comics (And Shouldn’t)

When it comes to the world of DC Comics, fans know that there are some pretty iconic villains who are used more than others. Whether it’s Lex Luthor, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Ares, Sinestro, The Reverse Flash or even the all-powerful Darkseid, the DC Universe has some of the most iconic villains around.

Yet there are still plenty of DC Villains who do not get the proper spotlight. Whether they appear only once or twice in the universe or move about sporadically, there are several villains worth noting. Check out this list of the ten villains everyone should know but often forgets.

10 Mongul

One of the most underrated villains of the DC Universe has to be Mongul. One of Superman’s strongest foes, the hero of Earth and Krypton even went so far as to say Mongul’s strength rivaled even Darkseid. Mongul’s story has been retconned a couple of times, but essentially he is the alien warlord of the powerful Warworld.

Whether he’s using Warworld’s defenses and weapons to conquer the universe or holding massive gladiatorial games, Mongul is a powerful foe. His most popular storyline involved ensnaring Superman with the Black Mercy plant, leaving Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman to fight him themselves.

9 Onomatopoeia

A major villain that has not gotten a lot of play in either comics or television/film has to be Onomatopoeia. The villain is a serial killer who goes after non-powered superheroes such as Green Arrow and Batman, taking trophies from his victims as he goes along on his mission.

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Gaining his name from the repetition of noises made from the weapons he uses or the items around him while on the hunt, the villain is one of the most clever, not only attacking Oliver Queen’s son Connor but fooling Batman so much that he reveals his own identity.

8 Cornelius Stirk

One of the creepiest villains fans should pay attention to has to be Cornelius Stirk. The elusive villain believes he receives the nutrients he needs by consuming his victim’s hearts, and after tricking his way into being released from Arkham Asylum by being diagnosed as “sane”, he went on to become a serial killer.

Much like another Batman villain, Stirk is known for using fear on his victims, believing it enhances the strength and taste of his victims. Able to project another image of someone else the victim trusts onto himself, he is a master manipulator and fought to battle.

7 Eclipso

One villain that has been a thorn in the side of the DC Universe time and again and yet is often overlooked when thinking of powerful DC Comics foes is Eclipso. Originally an average supervillain, it was revealed during a crossover event with The Spectre that Eclipso was the original wrath of God, who The Spectre replaced.

Taking various different hosts throughout the years, the all-powerful, darkness fueled being resides within the black diamond, which has since been revealed to have been mined on Apokolips and Darkseid revealed to have been Eclipso’s creator as a result, explaining it’s darkness.

6 Despero

The next villain on this list is one of the Justice League’s most dangerous and powerful foes of all time and yet is often forgotten in the shuffle of other foes like Darkseid or Brainiac. That villain is Despero, a powerful alien tyrant who has an obsession with destroying Earth and the League.

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A genius, with a third eye that grants him the power of telepathy, telekinesis, illusions and mind control, he also has been granted superhuman strength, speed, stamina and the ability to control his biomass, making him truly formidable. It takes several heroes to bring him down.

5 Lady Blaze

One villain that definitely doesn’t get enough time in DC Comics as an all-powerful foe is known as Lady Blaze, or just Blaze for short. A half-demon with horns and red skin, she disguises herself in human form several times to manipulate humans and steal their souls.

Not only has she battled Superman for the soul of Jimmy Olson, but has gone toe to toe with Captain Marvel and the entire Marvel family. It was revealed she was the daughter of Shazam the Wizard, and she was responsible for the corruption and downfall of Black Adam the villain.

4 Black Hand

One of Green Lantern’s most underrated villains and a true lynchpin for one of the darkest DC storylines in recent years has to be Black Hand. Known by his real name of William Hand, the villain was known as the “black sheep” of his family in Coast City, the Hands.

Wanting to distance himself from his family and their legacy, he became a villain and eventually supervillain, dubbing himself Black Hand. Facing Hal Jordan numerous times, he was the crucial element of the highly acclaimed story Blackest Night, which saw the rise of the Black Lanterns and undead DC Heroes.

3 Starro

One of the strangest looking yet most domineering threat to the DC Universe has to be Starro, the giant alien lifeform that resembles a starfish and has a giant eye in its center. It has tried to invade Earth several times, with the combined might of the Justice League often needed to take it down.

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It has been around for years, but its most recent run-in DC Rebirth was particularly noticed, as the being was used by none other than Larfleeze and Brainiac to trap the majority of the Green Lantern Corps on a world invaded by the creature.

2 The Wrath

One Batman villain that has rarely gotten as much play as other villains in the DC Universe continuity has to be Wrath, or The Wrath at times. Wrath is also known as Elliot Caldwell. Originally the son of two bunglers who were mistakenly taken out by a police officer when they attempted to skip out on their rent, he grew up resenting law enforcement.

Similar to Batman’s origins but with a twist, Caldwell modeled himself after Batman after deducing their likeness in history. However, he is a cold-blooded villain who has an obsessive need for perfection in his crimes.

1 Phobia

The most underrated villain in DC Comics and a major foe of the New Teen Titans has to be Phobia. Born as Angela Hawkins III, she was born a member of the British Aristocracy and considered a bad seed by most. She was approached by the Brotherhood of Evil to join their ranks, and she accepted.

Having the power to bring people’s worst fears and phobias to the surface, she is a powerful threat that has taken on Raven, the Teen Titans, Tasmanian devil and more. During the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s event, she tried destroying the Captain Marvel family.

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