DC Unveils "Rebirth" Designs For Green Arrow, Supergirl and Superboy

As the launch of "Rebirth" draws near, DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive look at the new designs for Green Arrow, Supergirl and Superboy.

Arriving May 25 with the release of the "DC Universe: Rebirth" one-shot by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez and Ethan Van Sciver, the initiative seeks to bring back some of what's been missing from the DC Universe in recent years.

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Among those elements, apparently, is Oliver Queen's trademark Van Dyke, which makes its triumphant return in the character design by Otto Schmidt. Supergirl, meanwhile, exchanges her New 52-era leotard for a more classic skirt (which, perhaps not coincidentally, is part of her television wardrobe) in the sketch by Brian Ching.

And although we revealed Jim Lee and Scott Williams' interpretation of Superboy last week, here we see Jorge Jimenez's original redesign for the Boy of Steel, complete with zip-up-jumper-and-cape combo and ripped jeans.

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