DC Unveils First Arrowverse Elseworlds Teaser Trailer

The first trailer for the CW's upcoming Elseworlds event has arrived, and things are a bit...weird. Like, "Oliver Queen as Barry Allen" weird. Complete with being married and kissing Iris West-Allen. Yeah, really. Oliver's as confused as you are, which is to say, a lot.

It all seemingly stems from Supergirl, Flash and Green Arrow going to Gotham City to confront Arkham Asylum doctor John Deegan, and eventually comes to involve the evil villain the Monitor.

Though the Legends of Tomorrow are sitting this one out, Flash, Supergirl, Green Arrow and their allies will be joined by Batwoman, played here by Ruby Rose. Her, and John Wesley Shipp as Earth-3's Jay Garrick yet again, this time in his Flash costume from the 1990s series.

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Numerous set photos for Elseworlds have come out over the weeks, revealing some topsy-turvy situations that our heroes will be put in. The three-night event will begin with Supergirl on Sunday, followed by Arrow on Monday night and The Flash concluding things that Tuesday.

Elseworlds premieres on Dec. 9. The event stars Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, Ruby Rose, Tyler Hoechlin, Jeremy Davies and LaMonica Garrett.

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