DC unveils 'Bruce Wayne: Murderer' and 'Flash' mini-sites

Official Press Release

Now up at DCComics.com are minisites based on the "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?"storyline at http://www.dccomics.com/features/bwmurd/batmurder.html and THEFLASH at http://www.dccomics.com/features/theflash/index.html.

The minisite featuring THE FLASH includes an e-comic version of THE FLASH#170, the first story by the book's current creative team of Geoff Johns,Scott Kolins, and Doug Hazlewood, which kicks off the adventure beingcollected this March in THE FLASH: BLOOD WILL RUN TP (JAN020592). Also atthis minisite is a timeline of super-speedsters from the 19th century to thedistant future, desktop images, character bios, and links to FLASH backlistitems.

The "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?" minisite includes a printable checklist withcover art from all 12 issues in the storyline, BATMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTUREas an e-comic, plus links to all the titles in the storyline.

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