DC Unveils All Three Covers for 'Batman' #619, 'Hush' Finale

DC Comics today released to the comics press all three covers for "Batman" #619, the final Jeph Loeb issue and finale to the hugely popular "Hush" storyline.

The issue ships with two different triple-gatefold covers by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. One highlights the Dark Knight's allies and the second spotlights the many foes Batman has faced. The third, standard edition cover uses a segment of the allies cover with dramatically different coloring from the gatefold version.

"Given the fan response and the success of the story, we felt that we needed to do something really big to close it out," Jim Lee said in a statement. "I thought it would be really cool to create two covers - one for the heroes and one for the villains. The only way to squeeze them all on there without just doing headshots was to create these gatefolds. I love the fact when you open the cover you get to see more of the images unfold like a mystery. It's a way to thank the fans, by putting out the final issue with these fantastic covers for not a penny more than a normal issue!"

"I couldn't be happier that as Jim and I go off for new adventures, DC was kind enough to give us a fireworks display the likes of which fans, retailers and collectors have never seen," Loeb said in a release. "Thank you all, and good night!"

"Batman" #619 has a September 24th release date.

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