DC universes collide in epic final 'Justice League: Crisis' fan trailer

Arrow and The Flash now meet with some regularity on their television series, which have also featured The Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who next month spin off into their own show. However, even with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on the horizon, we've never seen a live-action DC crossover quite like the fan-made "Justice League: Crisis."

UltraSargent has debuted what's described as the "final trailer" in the series that began in October, and it's by far the longest and most ambitious yet. Using footage from DC Comics live-action adaptations dating back to Christopher Reeve-era Superman, the four-and-half-minute trailer offers a new take on Crisis on Infinite Earth, with Grant Gustin's Flash at its center.

"If this were a real "storyline, this would be a FLASH storyline," UltraSargent explains. "He would be the main focus and most likely the reason for the black hole being opened. [...] Before you ask 'where is [insert character name],' I wanted to include everyone, believe me. But with the older shows not being in HD, it becomes very difficult to include all incarnations."

As it stands, thought, Crisis draws from wide array of sources, from 1989's Batman and 1990's The Flash to Smallville and Supergirl. NBC's short-lived Constantine even shows up.

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