The DC Universe's Future Lies in Young Justice Spinoffs

With the Disney+ streaming service coming online soon, not to mention constant competition from the leaders in the field such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, the DC Universe will need content to stay afloat.

Yes, series like Titans, not to mentioned the upcoming Swamp Thing, are all part of its future. But when you look at the long term, if the platform really wants to flesh out tons of cool stories with an already established fanbase, it need look no further than spinoffs from the Young Justice universe.

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In Season 3, Young Justice: Outsiders has already laid the groundwork for a rich universe that has old superheroes and villains, as well as young ones. But what's most notable is how diverse this universe is, which lays the perfect foundation for spinoffs to be built. DC Universe has no need to go and reinvent the wheel and come up with new shows when this series already acts as a template. Its formula for success is tried and tested, as seen from the loyal fanbase who were quite vocal about getting a third season greenlit. And so said, so done.

Looking at the plethora of new faces that have come on board this season, we can easily see a separate series for the Justice League and their off-world adventures. We've heard of Superman's team in an Appellaxian incident, and there's so much to explore in terms of the Martian Manhunter and his species, not to mention we've only been teased with the Green Lantern Corps patrolling space and fighting off the Reach's remnant forces. This can even rival what Justice League Unlimited accomplished.

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We've also got the Young Justice team, as well as Dick Grayson's Outsiders as a splinter cell already in focus, but the DCU should also look to Batman's black ops unit that's led by Tim Drake. The latter sets itself up for a Batman Inc.-inspired series as Robin works with Spoiler, Arrowette and Cassandra Cain, with the Dark Knight himself in a Nick Fury role or taking down bigger threats. We've seen Talia al Ghul with baby Damian, a resurrected Jason Todd working with Ra's and the League of Shadows seemingly taking on a new incarnation, so the Bat family definitely would have a lot of work to do.

With Cyborg coming into play, another spinoff can focus on the Titans as we've also got the likes of Beast Boy and Wonder Girl in play. This would allow a fresh take away from the beloved Teen Titans series and maybe even something different from the live-action Titans series. Young Justice acts as the genesis for all these teams and provides an opportunity to build a cohesive universe with new spins on familiar faces. Think of it as an Elseworlds to the Bruce Timm universe or the DC Animated Universe. Here, we can get crossovers, maybe even movies outside of the DCAU, all as part of one big continuity. Events have already proven to be successful on the Arrowverse so it can be replicated with these cartoons.

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The Young Justice audience would probably be invested in properties that exist in different timelines, too. There are so many characters and arcs to explore, these spinoffs can traverse the future and past without interfering with Young Justice's main beat. With Jon Kent popping up, we could get a Titans or Young Justice team years down the line, or maybe even a Super Sons storyline. As for the past, the DCU can even focus on the pre-Young Justice era, showcasing why the League felt the urge to train new faces, or go on to dissect their origin stories.

There's even potential to fill in seasons, such as Dick's transition from Robin to Nightwing, or how Aquaman passed the mantle to Aqualad. The point is, this multifaceted approach helps to keep the main series not too convoluted and allows for a deeper dive into characters, maybe even opening the doors for LGBTQ narratives to be worked in. Ultimately, the Young Justice-verse is the perfect thing to piggyback on given its fanbase. If the DCU plays its cards right, there's a lot of content to mine.

Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe, with new episodes debuting every Friday.

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