Why Titans' Trigon Looks Human - And If We'll Ever See His Demon Form

Trigon Teen Titans

The demon Trigon is one of the Teen Titans' most persistent foes. He also recently made his live-action debut in the last two episodes of Titans. In light of the character's premiere, series showrunner and executive producer Greg Walker explained what to expect for Season 2 regarding the powerful creature who also happens to be Raven’s father.

In the comics, Trigon is depicted as a gigantic, horned, multi-eyed red demon with a rather unique outfit, but in Titans, he’s a human portrayed by Castle’s Seamus Dever. “I like the rendition of Trigon in the books, but I always thought it was more interesting to play the human seductive side of evil that preys upon your weakness rather than just preying on your fear,” said Walker in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Dever’s portrayal of Trigon as seductive was instructive, helping viewers to understand the kind of evil he represents.

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In the show, Trigon is introduced as a demon who may be responsible for destroying Starfire’s homeworld, Tamaran, and is eventually summoned by his daughter, Rachel, to save Gar Logan’s life. After being summoned, Trigon puts Dick Grayson through a waking nightmare involving a Batman pushed too far. Trigon can’t resist subtly urging Robin to embrace the darkness under the guise of a Gotham police detective. When Grayson gives in and seemingly kills his former mentor, he unwillingly falls under Trigon’s control, which does not bode well for the Titans in their sophomore season.

Seamus Dever as Trigon on Titans

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In the comics, Trigon was a sadistic inter-dimensional demon who seduced the woman who would be Raven’s mother into marrying him and having his child. Fortunately, the woman was discovered by the people of Azarath, who raised Trigon’s daughter to “control her emotions,” as well as the demonic powers she inherited from her father. When she learned of his plans to conquer the world, she reached out to the heroes of Earth and helped reform the Teen Titans. Together, the team was able to defeat the powerful demon who would occasionally return to torment Raven and her teammates. Walker said they aren’t sure whether this version will make it to Titans, but that, as a fan, he’s certainly hoping it happens.

Now streaming on DC Universe, Titans stars Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson, Anna Diop as Kory Anders, Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth and Ryan Potter as Garfield Logan, and guest starring Rachel Nichols as Angela, Seamus Dever as Trigon, Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger, Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall and Curran Walters as Jason Todd.

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