DC Universe to Add Over 2700 Comic Books This Week

DC Universe

As part of an effort to exponentially expand its digital comic book library, the DC Universe streaming service aims to add approximately 2,739 new comics this week.

As the official post on the DC Universe message board states, all of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Age comics that the publisher currently has digitized will be added. While the full list of comics are posted on DC's website (included in the source),the range of titles will run from books originally published in the 1930s up through the 1980s.

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The titles added will include historic runs of major titles like Action Comics, Aquaman, Batman and Wonder Woman, along with more obscure, fan-favorite titles like Swamp Thing, Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth, Arion: Lord of Atlantis and The Omega Men.

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While that's a considerable number of comics, this rollout is also meant as a stress test to prepare for the release of the rest of DC's digital back catalog, which totals around 12,000 issues. As such, the DC Universe developers want fans to report any issues they have with accessing the comics.

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While DC Universe developers have stated their intention to fill any and all gaps, there are odd gaps between issues which remain absent for various reasons, such as Action Comics #343, which is missing from the service.

In addition, the service will update its search and sorting functionality to make accessing the comics easier for fans using the service.

The comics are expected to arrive on the DC Universe service this week.

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