DC Universe's Titans Tells Deadpool to 'Suck It'

DC Universe's upcoming live-action Titans show promotes itself as a "gritty take" on the classic DC team of young heroes. Well, the series is certainly living up to that promise on social media.

In Deadpool 2, the Merc with a Mouth took a jab at the DC Universe when he delivered the amply marketed line: "So dark. You sure you're not from the DC Universe?" Now, the DC Universe has two words for Wade Wilson: "Suck it." The official Titans account tweeted the short video with the message, "To Mr. Pool, with love" to promote DC's new streaming service.

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The 25-second video features a bunch of brutal hits from the upcoming Titans show, and it humorously credits "D. Pool" as an "American Philosopher." A Marvel vs. DC comic book may never happen again, but at least fans can enjoy this amusing crossover.

Deadpool's joke was obviously referencing the tone of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which deconstructed the iconic heroes instead of immediately delivering the versions that many fans expected to see on the big screen.

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If Titans is swinging back at jokes about the DC Universe being too dark, it may want to look at another show heading to DC's streaming service. During Harley Quinn's first-look video, Poison Ivy stated, "I thought we're supposed to make a show that's like super gritty and bleak and depressing. You know, like a DC thing." Funnily enough, Harley Quinn took a jab at the cancelled FX Deadpool cartoon in that promo, saying that her show is definitely on the way "unlike that Deadpool cartoon."

Considering Deadpool and Deadpool 2's clever marketing, it's only a matter of time until the Deadpool account -- or Ryan Reynolds himself -- responds on Twitter. Your move, Wade.

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