Is DC Universe's Comics Library the Answer to Marvel Unlimited? Not Really

DC revealed a slew of new details for the launch of DC Universe, the incoming streaming platform for television, movies, and original programming. Included in the launch package is a comic book reading feature that promises to offer a curated selection of books on a rotating schedule.

The inclusion of comic books in the service will immediately make people compare it to Marvel's own subscription service Marvel Unlimited, but how do the two really compare?

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Despite DC's commitment to bringing comics and media together, it is clear that this service is focused on converting new and casual fans into full-blown comic book readers. Providing comics that tie directly (or indirectly) into popular television shows and movies is a stroke of genius, but the limited comic book library leaves something to be desired. Long-time fans have demanded a subscription service that could rival Marvel's, but it doesn't look like DC Universe will answer that call—at least not yet.


A Limited Selection Doesn't Help Long-Time Fans

DC's official release states there will be comic books available to read and download, but don't expect a deep selection of back issues like Marvel U subscribers currently enjoy.

Not only is the company clear to state that the app's library will be "curated," meaning limited, but it also dished on a few titles that will be included in the launch. Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 will offer readers the first appearances of Superman and Batman. Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing, and Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner's run on Harley Quinn are named as the headliners, so you can get a sense of what DC Universe will be focusing on.


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