"DC Universe: Rebirth's" Biggest Revelations

Those hoping to keep the revelations of "DC Universe: Rebirth" #1 a surprise until its release next week should probably steer away from social media for the next several days, as details of the one-shot leaked online Friday.

They're not insignificant, either, trumpeting the major changes DC Comics has planned for its Rebirth initiative.

With the spoilers now out there, DC has lifted the embargo on the plot details of the special issue, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Phil Jimenez.

Warning: If you don't want to know just some of the numerous revelations of "DC Universe: Rebirth" #1, turn back now!

Wally West is Back!

"DC Universe: Rebirth" opens with a bang -- OK, more like a "KRA-KKOOOMM" -- and the return of Wally West, who serves as narrator and guide for the one-shot as he bounces around the DC Universe, searching for a tether to this world. However, this isn't the Wally as readers last saw him: He's younger and wearing the Kid Flash costume he hung up three decades ago.

He's Not the Only One

More legacies are re-established, as Ted Kord -- still the Blue Beetle for many DC fans -- meets with Jaime Reyes, and Ryan Choi receives a message from Ray Palmer to save him in the Microverse.

And that's only the beginning, as Aqualad Jackson Hyde is back, and the seeds are planted for the rebirth of the Justice Society of America and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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