DC Universe Presents #12

Story by
Art by
Jorge Jimenez
Colors by
Guy Major
Letters by
Dezi Sienty
Cover by
DC Comics

While "DC Universe Presents" #12 does feature Kid Flash, it doesn't reveal much about the character that readers haven't ascertained from issues of "Teen Titans." Fabian Nicieza picks up pieces from recent storylines over in "Teen Titans" and extrapolates a solo tale for Bart Allen that involves three teens, collectively dubbed "Dinosoids," that have vaguely tangential qualities of dinosaurs. Operating under the monikers of Dac, Teryx and Steg, the three characters find themselves in New York on a quest for adventure that takes a more severe turn as the issue progresses.

Nicieza starts by focusing on the reaction of Kid Flash and his interactions with the Dinosoids. Just after the halfway point of "DC Universe Presents" #12, a threat is introduced to the story to raise the drama and tension. Threatening to transform the population of New York, Steg is armed with a plot lifted from the pages of recent issue of "Amazing Spider-Man" as if a crossover has occurred and no one was notified.

The writer starts out with a fun introduction from Kid Flash, who breaks the fourth wall and gives a quick recap of the situation so far. In fact, the strongest pieces of this issue are when Nicieza lets loose and uses Kid Flash as more than just a character in the story, including one humorous line delivered by Kid Flash as he seeks to counter an accusation of "Mammal!" by leveling an equivalent jab at the Dinosoids, but does so with minimal confidence.

While dinosaurs are a definite "hit" for me to buy a comic, Dinosoids are not so much of a draw. I expected more than I got from this issue. More of a "Teen Titans Spotlight" or "Teen Titans" #11.5 issue, "DC Universe Presents #12 doesn't do much for the grander DC Universe. Instead it seems like a dump-off for a story too mundane to be contained elsewhere.

Jorge Jimenez and colorist Guy Major provide some fun artwork with very good storytelling choices, but the character designs could have used a little more attention. The Dinosoids are red, green and yellow, with tinges of blue, offering strong evidence to my assertion. I do, however, enjoy Jimenez's figurework and cartoony expressions. Those are nice nods to Bart Allen's pre-relaunch days as Impulse, but the character seems rather removed from those more animated days and Major finds areas in the story to dazzle as well.

As already mentioned, this issue under-delivered on expectation, but it also piqued curiosity to see more of Bart Allen and his adventures as a solo hero. I wouldn't mind seeing Nicieza and Jimenez given another chance, but I certainly hope they leave the Dinosoids out of it.

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