DC Universe Online subscriptions to cost $14.99 per month

We've learned a few things about DC Comics and Sony's long-in-development massive multiplayer online role-playing game over the past few weeks, including the release date (November), whether they'd get Wonder Woman's costume right (yes) and now the pricing.

DC Universe Online will cost $14.99 per month to play it, in addition to the retail cost ($49.99 for the PC version, $59.99 for the PlayStation 3 version). The MMO blog Massively spoke directly to someone at Sony, who confirmed the price. The spokesperson couldn't confirm if the game would also have in-game "micro-transactions" built into it that allowed players to purchase in-game items -- like costumes, accessories, special weapons, skills or even in-game currency -- for real money.

No bundled subscription fees (where you get a discount for buying multiple months at once) were mentioned, but I can't imagine they wouldn't offer something like that.

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