"DC Universe Online" Opens Lair & Hideouts to Players

Every good hero -- and villain -- can use a lair to call their own, a place where they can recharge after a tough day of battling, and perhaps even train to get refreshed for the next go-around. Starting next week, players of DC Comics and Sony Online Entertainment's "DC Universe Online" MMO will have such a place to call their own.

The "Home Turf" downloadable content, first announced in October, will be released on January 29 worldwide for both PC and PlayStation 3 (except for European console owners -- they'll receive it a day later on January 30). In the latest expansion to the popular MMO heroes and villains alike will have a place they can design as they see fit while also engaging in one-on-one PVP battles to test out and customize their abilities. Sony Online Entertainment invited CBR News on a virtual tour to see the DLC in action, and though it was brief, it's certainly something dedicated fans of the game can get excited over.

Depending on what level players are in the game -- regular accounts or Legendary -- they'll have access to two different dwelling types, either a one-floor hideout or a two-story lair. Within their home turf gamers can move and rotate items, change the design of the floor, ceiling or walls, and keep track of new items that can be picked up in-game. Redesigning is relatively easy, players simply head over to a kiosk and activate Decoration Mode, then pick and use which decor items they wish to place.

Both heroes and villains in "DC Universe Online" will have various themes to choose from. Sony showcased two for each camp during the tour, and four additional ones will be available from the marketplace following the content's release. Heroes will be able to choose between ACE Chemicals and Stryker's Island, while villains can opt for either an Arkham Asylum or Ironworks motif. Deco and gothic themes will also be available, and players can pick up additional items to add to their locale throughout Metropolis and Gotham City and can view them with ease in Decoration Mode. A search tool is also available, should players be looking for something specific, say, an oversized clown mask.

Players can also set up amenities that will help them out over the course of the game, similar to ones found in the Hall of Doom or JLA Watchtower. They can set up sparring targets to help improve their combat, or put a small vending machine on a table, able to replenish any lost health or energy.

But lairs and hideouts don't necessarily need to be quiet places. Players can choose to hold one-on-one PVP battles in their quarters, adding a new level of combat dimension -- and training -- to the game. Though only one fight in particular was shown, CBR did witness a hero knock his opponent from a higher level of the lair to the ground below.

"Home Turf" also comes with an array of new missions and daily quests, providing gamers the opportunity to earn "Marks of Triumphs" which allow them the opportunity to upgrade their home base and earn additional benefits and items.

The downloadable content will be free of charge to all Legendary players within the game, and $9.99 for all other gamers. Players who remain on the fence about the new DLC will have access to a free basic hideout where they can try out a limited selection of the pack's many customizable features.

"DC Universe Online" is available now for PlayStation 3 and PC and the "Home Turf" DLC will be released January 29.

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