"DC Universe Online" Celebrates the Holidays with "Seasons Greedings"

'Tis the season -- to save Christmas? It looks that way, as Sony Online Entertainment has announced its latest update for "DC Universe Online," a package titled "Seasons Greedings." This package not only introduces some festive, beautiful decorations within your superhero world, but it also introduces a set of new enemies to take on -- Larfleeze's ring-constucted Orange Lantern Corps.

Playing off of 2010's Larfleeze DC Comics one-shot by Geoff Johns and Brett Booth, the package has the popular alien miser taking out his frustrations over Santa Claus leaving him empty-handed this year on the DC Universe. Using his army of Lantern constructs to steal holiday items throughout Gotham City and Metropolis, Larfleeze plans to take his ill-gotten loot back to the Vega System. And whether you're playing as a hero or a villain in the game, you have the chance to fight back.

Either Green Lantern Hal Jordan (if you're a hero) or fear monger Sinestro (if you're a villain) will ask for your help in stopping Larfreeze and his army, wearing bright orange neon outfits and creating havoc wherever you run into them.

The update features the following items:

The update is available free of charge across all three access levels: Free, Premium and Legendary. "DC Universe Online" is now available, including in a free-to-play model, for PlayStation 3 and PC.

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